10-3-2-1 Rule of night routine have you heard about it?


There are many things you must do, before your bedtime to have a good night sleep. And many people will suggest you 10 different things. But what is that one rule which will really help you to have a good night sleep and become a happy morning person? Yes! I am talking about 10-3-2-1 Rule of the night routine.

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Have you ever heard about it?

Studies have shown that when you do not use mobile, tab, laptop or any gadget before your bedtime you get a beautiful sleep, and you wake up happily. Studies also say that when you do not have food a certain time before your bedtime, you fall asleep easily. This one rule covers all these things. So if you are someone, who want to become a morning person, but after so many failed attempts not able to become one, then this blog is just for you.

Recently famous YouTuber and Business Coach Saloni Shrivastava talked about this rule in one of her recent videos.

What is this 10-3-2-1 rule?

First, step “10”: According to this rule 10 hours before your bedtime stop consuming caffeine. As you all must have known that caffeine and sleep never go hand in hand. If you want to have a good night sleep do not use any kind of caffeine before 10 hours of your sleep time. If you do so it can impact your sleep. So if you are a big-time coffee lover, have it before 10 hours of your sleep, to avoid distracted or unsound sleep. 

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Step no 2. “3”: According to this rule stop consuming any kind of food before 3 hours of your sleep. If your digestive system is active while your bedtime chances are high that sleep will come slow, also the kind of sleep you get in such a situation is not the best one. And a good sound sleep is essential for your mental and physical health. So make sure that you do not consume any kind of food, not even a little bit of snack before 3 hours of your bedtime.

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Step no. 3 “2”: This rule says that stop your work before 2 hours of your bedtime. As when you are in your work mode your mind is in, active situation, if you keep on working and till late night and try to sleep after that you don’t fall asleep easily and you do not get the best kind of sleep. So make sure that you stop your any kind of work be it professional or personal before 2 hours of your bedtime, to have a good night sound sleep.

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Step no. 4 “1”:
And the last step of this rule is to stop using any kind of electronic gadgets before 1 hour of your sleep time. Mobile screen and light affect your sleep very badly, so if you want to have good quality sleep studies says that stop using your gadgets before 1 hour of your bedtime. Grab a book instead and read for an hour this will help you to have a sleep of your dreams.

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Uninterrupted and sound sleep is the need of everybody. For a better mental and physical health a good night sleeps that too of at least 7-8 hours is a must. You can survive without food or even water but can not without sleep. So make sure that you follow this rule of night routine and boost your productivity. For the better morning, the best sleep is a must.