This International Non violence day, Write an open letter to “Mahatma Gandhi”


This 2nd October marks the 151st birth anniversary of Gandhi Ji. And being the youngsters of India we have so many questions in mind, we wanted to say a lot of things to Mahatma Gandhi, and we wanted to convey a few feelings to him. But, how can we do this today? Well, we have a solution.

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You can write an open letter to Mahatma Gandhi, and we will publish them on our website Here are a few topics on which you can write an open letter to him.

The topics (Both in English & Hindi) you can write on are –


1. Write to Gandhi thanking him

2. Write to current government regarding Gandhi

3. Write to Gandhi about current situations

4. Write to Gandhi about Gandhigiri

You can write this open letter in Hindi or English language.

Hurry up. The last date of submitting this open letter is Thursday i.e.: 1st October.

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