A Song of Ice and Snow

A Himalayan trek each year is like Garam Cutting Chai to my sore throat. I wait for those 12 days all year. Its sooooo comforting to just simply run away from the busy rat-race of the Cosmo-Cities. The Himalayas take my breath away (quite literally)...

आसान नही फौजी कहलाना दोस्त! जाणून घ्या भारतीय सेनेची अशी सुद्धा बाजू..

आर्मी हा शब्द ऐकला की सामान्य डोक्यात किती गोष्टी येतात, नाही? बंदूक, जवान, भारत-पाक संबंध, बॉम्ब, हल्ले, बरच काही! कधी शांत बसून भारतीय सेना म्हणजे काय याचा विचार केलात का? ..

My Bucket List !!!

We all have our own renditions of what should go on our bucket lists and we reflect deeply upon our desires to decide what actually makes the cut. This list may range from something very mainstream like wanting to go sky diving or getting a tattoo, to something that is personal like something to give back to the world...

पानिपत.. मन स्तब्ध, डोळे नकळत पाणावतात, पण..

जब देश पर खतरा बडा था, तब पानिपत मे भगवा गाडे अकेला मराठा खडा था! पानिपतचं तिसरं युद्ध, मराठ्यांची ख्याती, शौर्य, सामर्थ्य आपल्यापासून लपलेलं नाही...

When in Delhi do not visit these places on Monday

Often we plan a visit to some place and we forget to check weather that place is open on a particular day or not, and often we make a visit and find out that the place is closed. If you are in Delhi this might happen with you many times. Delhi is the place which will surprise you everyday. This city will make you fall in love with it, and will give you several reasons to spend some more time with the beautiful places it has...

Must visit places near Pune... Guys get ready and get set go.

We all need to catch a break from our hectic and busy schedules which make our lives chaotic, right? So in this chaos, a weekend getaway won't harm you and will leave you enthralled with serenity from all around. These places near Pune, you can head to if you wanna catch a small break from your big life...

A big NO-NO to these 5 things while traveling to a Beach Place

We all love beaches. Don’t we? The tan, the wind, the sand, the waves and all the beautiful dresses you can wear the beaches, all sounds good right. But often we make mistakes when we travel to any beach place. So say a big NO-NO to these 5 mistakes while traveling to any beach place. ..

5 Quick Road Trip tips that you really want to know

Traveling is not just fun but it is therapy isn't it? Traveling with family gives you lifetime happiness, traveling with friends gives you lots of memories, traveling with a partner gives you quality time and traveling alone gives you a lifetime experience. Traveling especially road trips is something that one must do at least once in a month…hahaha ok, that's too much, but at least once in a year...

सायबेरियन पक्ष्यांसोबत एक सकाळ..

सुंदर सकाळ (Beautiful Morning), सूर्याचा लाल गोळा गुडमॉर्निंग म्हणतोय, आणि प्रवासी पक्षी, त्यांचा आवाज.. नदीचा किनारा.. गार वारा आणि परिवार. किती रम्य दृश्य वाटतं नाही? पण हे केवळ चित्रातलं दृश्य नाही तर खरं दृश्य आहे. मध्यप्रदेशातील जबलपूरच्या ग्वारीघाटला सकाळी सकाळी दे दृश्य दिसतं. सारबेरिया आणि यूरोपीय देशातून प्रवास करून आलेले हे पक्षी (Siberian Birds) आपल्या भेटीला येतात, आणि त्यांना नौकाविहार करत दाणा खाऊ घालणे म्हणजे एक पर्वणीच असते. ..

भन्नाट भटकंतीची तयारी..

सामान्य लोक जेव्हा फिरायला जातात, त्यावेळी त्यांना फिरायला जाताना काय तयारी करायला पाहीजे किंवा भटकंतीला जाण्यासाठी काय काय करावं या बद्दल आज आपण गप्पा मारू...

Mom Dad Travels : An Inspiration we all can take..

Do you want to meet the cutest family on Instagram who is a travel freak and inspire all of us and who gives major Travel Goals? then you have to read this. ..

When in Goa these 5 things are must

Goa.. A place where everyone wants to come. It is a dream place for many. Beautiful weather, coconut trees, amazing roads and rocking nightlife is the attraction for many people. A lot of content is available about Goa on internet. Many things have been said about it, and 100s of videos and Vlogs are available on the internet. So what is that something different that we are going to tell you ? Well answer is.. Our experience. Every Goa experience is different and every Goa tour has something to tell. ..