फूड बँक

ये ५ फूड यूट्यूबर्स हैं जो इस लॉकडाउन में करेंगे आपकी मदद

आप लॉकडाउन में फँसे हुए हैं, और आपको खाना बनाना नहीं आता, या अच्छे से पता नहीं कि कैसे बनाते हैं, तो आप क्या करेंगे? आप यूट्यूब पर जाएँगे, और अलग अलग रेसिपीज सर्च करेंगे, है ना? तो यदि आपको ऐसे ५ यूट्यूबर्स के नाम बता दिये जाएँ, जो आपको खाना बनाने में मदद करेंगे, तो आपके लिये कितनी आसानी हो जाएगी है ना? तो चलिये आपको ले चलते हैं, इन ५ यूट्यूबर्स के पास जो आपकी खाना बनाने में मदद करेंगे इस लॉकडाउन में | ..

लॉकडाउन में ट्राय करें ये कुछ लजीज पकवान, आसान और मजेदार

दोस्तों लॉकडाउन चल रहा है | और जाहिर सी बात है कि हम अपने अपने घरों में होंगे | और जब इंसान घर वपर रहता है, तो उसे भूख भी ज्यादा लगती है, ये तो प्रूव्हन फॅक्ट है भाई | तो इस लॉकडाउन के समय को हम क्यूँ ना कुछ लजीज पकवान बनाने या जो बना रहा है उसकी मदत करने में बिताएँ ? ..

A Workshop in Pune to revisit the history of our culinary culture

In today’s day and age, if someone asks you ‘what’s on your menu today?’, anyone would jump to name the exclusive cuisine from some corner of the world. Home-cooked or restaurant made, making food, serving food, eating food and thus enjoying food are some of our indispensable and core values. The variety of Indian cuisines itself is so ginormous. Every type has a subtype that keeps making the chain eclectic, full of fusion and mouth-watering...

Zee5 Loft- Not your Regular Book Café

Zee 5 Loft is perhaps the only Gaming Café in Pune which has a large collection of books as well. They have Xbox, board games and other fun things which ensure a wonderful experience. There is a separate gaming area available for customers which allows them to play as well as eat. ..

Muse Bistro : A funcky palce to hangout

One of the latest restaurant additions in Ahmedabad, Muse Bistro is one of it’s kind. It is located at Sindhu Bhavan Road which is a popular destination for foodies across the city. It is spread across a vast space and has three types of seating arrangements available. Apart from inside and outside seating, there is a separate glass cabin for coffee lovers. There is an artificial pool situated at the heart of the restaurant which makes it look even more visually appealing and adds to the aesthetic ..

मी पाणीपुरी..

काय मित्रमंडळी कसे आहात. तसं तर मी तुम्हा सगळ्यांना भेटतच राहते. त्यात काही नवीन नाही. मात्र नेहमी तुम्ही माझा आस्वाद घेता आणि निघून जाता. आज म्हटलं जरा गप्पा मारूयात.. मग आपली नेहमीची पार्टी आहेच की. ..

Have you tried this Mouthwatering fingerlicking street food at Viman Nagar?

Viman Nagar might be considered as the outskirts of Pune by many, but it has quite an exquisite spread of street food at the most reasonable prices. To start with, we have Seven Sisters Momos, a small momo shop run by a Nepali lady, who brings the flavors of her hometown right into her momos. The Chicken Momos in Schezwan Sauce are an absolute delight. Served with the traditional red chutney, they taste heavenly. Seven Sisters Momos is the most famous momo shop in Viman Nagar. ..

Theobroma.. A Must visit place

One of the best Bakery & Patisserie in India, Theobroma has earned the trust and loyalty of people across the country. Known for its remarkable taste and options including sugar-free goodies, Theobroma is the only name that comes to people’s minds as soon as the word brownie is mentioned. The bakery is filled with the aroma of chocolate and everything sweet that will fill your heart with warmth and joy. ..

Dining out Plans? Tales and Spirits is the place to go..

Tales and Spirits Café is one of the most aesthetic and Instagram-worthy places in Pune. It has a total of three outlets in Pune, the latest one being in Viman Nagar. The décor is so brilliantly and is worth drooling for. It creates an aura of luxury and it makes you want to never leave the place. The food is delicious, especially the desserts. So if you are planning for a Dine out, this is the place to go. ..

#Cafe_Review : Viman Nagar Social : कसं काय पुणे ?

One of the only two Socials in Pune, it is situated in Phoenix Market City in Viman Nagar. The décor is quite different from other pubs. The space is divided into various parts with unique decors spread amongst each of the corners. Pop music keeps the place lively at all times of the day. The seating arrangements also vary and are extraordinary. The service is a bit slow but that is usually because it is always crowded. Viman Nagar Social is reputed and known for it’s DJ, dance floor facilities, friendly ..

The Street Food Trail : For Pune Foodies

Hi there, foodies! There is one thing that prominently dominates our minds and hearts and that thing is food. When we walk down the streets, there is an eternal flavor of Chai lingering in that one Tapri that we can't miss or remember that Poha Waala around the corner who served steaming hot Pohe in super chilly mornings? Well, if you don't, we're here to help you. Here is a list of 5 amazing street food places that turn out to be a gift for your taste buds and won't give a glitch to your pockets...

Where Else Diner.. A perfect place to have fun

Where Else Diner is one of the most extraordinary and unique places to visit in Pune as it is pet-friendly and itself is home to two beautiful, enchanting cats. They even have a separate pet menu for those who wish to treat their pet babies with something special and different to eat. It is set in a row house in the airport area of Viman Nagar in Pune and the décor is quite well done and looks elegant yet catchy. Outdoor as well as indoor seating is available and if the cats are awake then customers ..

Irani Café.. A must must try..

Irani Café is one of the oldest cafés that has been flourishing for more than a hundred years now. They are known to serve the best Maska Bun, Iranian Tea and Kheema Pav. The décor is minimal and it seems somewhat like an Udipi Restaurant but the environment and aura are quite different. People from all spheres of life will be seen dining there. It is a popular destination amongst foreigners as well. ..

Mexicano by the Bay.. HAve you been there?

Mexicano by the Bay as the name suggests is a Mexican Diner located by the incredible Sabarmati Riverfront. The set up by the waters of the Riverfront provides a unique atmosphere in the interior of the city. The décor is bright and striking to the eye comprising of abstract art on the walls making it a lively place to dine. They have a quick counter as well for the customers who want to pick up their orders quickly and rush as well as a separate bakery with the most delicious cupcakes, muffins, and ..

क्या आपने ट्राय की है ये खास “नेताजी” की चाय ?

यदि आप दिल्ली में हैं, तो आप ये मिस कर ही नहीं सकते | क्या आपने इससे पहले नेताजी की चाय के बारे में सुना है? नहीं तो अब सुनिये.. मेरा मतलब है पढिये.. ..