Coimbatore resident creates portable oxygen concentrator after a streak of brilliant live-saving products!

In 2020, he developed drones that were used to disinfect streets in Rajapalayam and Madurai

R Yuveraju, 35-YO innovation enthusiast, who brought about an alternative fuel for bikes and developed disinfectant drones, automatic sanitiser dispenser, and face mask burner, has now come up with his brand-new innovation - portable oxygen concentrator.

R Yuveraju
Yuveraju is an aeronautical engineer, did his research on the technology for 3 months, and took help from experts in industry to then successfully design this oxygen concentrator. He was inspired to create this machine when he saw his relatives, and others, struggle to run all over the place for getting oxygen concentrators to save lives during the peak of Covid-19.

Yuveraju lives in Meena Estate near Udayampalayam, and is a member of CODISSIA Defence Innovation & Atal Incubation Center (CDIIC). He said that they have been supplying lab equipment to institutions and the Defence sector for more than 10 years. The lockdown made them develop indigenous products, reducing dependency on substandard Chinese products. A father of one of his friends died due to Covid-19 complications as oxygen concentrators weren’t available.

He said he spent over Rs 15 lakh towards research and development (R&D) alone. He did not import anything from China, as he has always wanted to be a part of the Make in India movement. With the help of his friends P Manoj Kumar, M Prithivi Krishnan and Prassana Ravi, he was able to carry out the works successfully.
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The young innovator said that they procured zeolite, a mineral used for concentrating oxygen, from a local supplier, to develop his machine. Currently, 5 concentrators that he developed are being used at an RO treatment plant of a private firm in Coimbatore. He said more can be developed depending on demand.

As for the specifications, he said his concentrator would have a display showing real-time purity of oxygen. He says that this machine was priced at Rs. 75,000, but he said he was ready to lower the price if the government gave subsidy.

In 2020, he developed drones that were used to disinfect streets in Rajapalayam and Madurai. Following this, the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) bought the drones from him.
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Yuveraju’s next goal is to produce green energy by using hydrogen to power electric vehicles and mini gas turbine engines to drive drones and fixed-wing UAVs. He says that it would work great if the Central and State governments provide subsidy for procuring the raw materials to achieve these goals.

MV Ramesh Babu – the CODISSIA president, said that they were pushing for his oxygen concentrators to be used in Defence hospitals all across the country, since the concentrator can be operated for 24 hours continuously.