Know how this Andhra family fed strays for decades, regardless of challenges!

Vijay says that they feed over 20-30 stray animals including dogs, cows, birds, monkeys in Dargamitta

Stepping into his father’s shoes, who used to love animals a lot, 45-YO Maddala Vijay Kumar hailing from Nellore city has made it a habit to feed animals, come what may. Even during the recent floods, Vijay did all he could so as to not keep the strays in a state of hunger.

Operator, Vijay spends Rs 500 (at least) a day to feed the animals. His wife, Rajyalakshmi, who is a homemaker, and their 17-YO daughter support him in his endeavour to keep the animals fed. Rajyalakshmi cooks as much as 5-7 kgs of rice and curry, daily, to feed these animals.

Vijay, hailing from Dargamitta in Nellore city, begins his day by giving milk, biscuits and bread to the stray animals he finds in the city. As soon as it strikes 8 in the morning, these strays, beloved to him, know where to find Vijay. This selfless family provides chicken to these strays two times in a week. Biscuits and water are also on the menu.
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Vijay says that they feed over 20-30 stray animals including dogs, cows, birds, monkeys in Dargamitta, Vedayapalem, Ayyappa Temple Centre, Nippo Centre and in some other areas of Chandrababu Nagar. They even collect leftovers from functions held by his relatives and friends and feed these innocent animals. The way they gobble down the food offered, he realised how hungry they must have been. The fact that he has satiated their hunger gives him immense satisfaction. He believes that animal birth control programme for stray dogs is a social responsibility. These animals never forget the service offered to them. He feels that it is his duty to spend at least 1-2 hours in the morning and evening for serving animals.

Vijay Kumar’s father, Ananda Rao, too, used to feed animals when he used to work as the ADC at the RTC Depot in Nellore. During his leisure time, Rao would take Vijay along with him to feed the strays. The family has been providing food to the animals for well over 45 years now, and Vijay has carried this humanitarian tradition forward. The lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and even the recent floods never managed to deter him from feeding his animals he loved so much.
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Vijay’s friends and family members also support him fully, as they donate rice and other food items for the animals. Vijay also provides medical assistance to the animals with the support of a veterinary doctor.

Talking about an incidence related to this, he said that some years ago, a cow got stuck in the middle of a railway track near Nellore city. Vijay alerted the railway police, revenue and veterinary staff who then rescued this stuck cow. It was a memorable incident in Vijay’s life.