3 Ways to upgrade your skills and lead your life with more confidence…!

Have you tried these?


“I am terribly frustrated Esha. It’s not happening. No promotion this year, no hike. What am I doing here?” Shreyas said to his wife. He was struggling a lot to grow in his career and in overall his life but somehow he wasn't able to do it. And it’s not just him, it is happening everywhere. Not having a stable career, or not knowing how to grow can be a major issue for your overall life. And that’s why we are here. Today we will share 3 ways, in which you can upgrade your skillset and lead your life with more confidence.


Many times the major problem is not with our skills or our abilities, it is more about our mindset. We need to work more upon our mindset to get the right direction. So let’s start?

1. Upskill yourself and learn the trends in your field: The first step toward growing your career with confidence is upskilling. You need to come out of your comfort zone. And start learning the trends in your niche. You need to learn from the experts, implement things, build your portfolio stronger and you will start seeing the results.

Invest in yourself

2. Start showing your skillset on social media platforms like Linkedin: Once you show your skills to the world you start getting good opportunities. You are the best person to talk to about your skills. You don’t believe it? I’ll share an example, A girl from a well-known IT company started sharing her knowledge about her field on Linkedin, she started helping others for the same, another leading IT company saw her posts and approached her. They offered her a 100% hike and hired her for a better role. Was it because of her skills, heck yes. But how that other company would have known about her skills, if she hasn’t talked about the same? So it’s not others, it’s you who open the doors of opportunities for yourself.

Invest in yourself

3. Networking: Networking in your niche, is a way to open some more doors of opportunities. It helps you to build your communication skills, it helps you to build your confidence, and also helps you to connect with some amazing people around the world. Another example I would like to share with you all. There is one Content Creator called May, who used to shoot reels, and videos for her hobby, but her networking was on point. She started using it to help small businesses, and slowly she build an entire network of 10K+ people who would want to learn “How to create reels” from her. She has a million-dollar business now. Isn’t that amazing? The sky is the limit for people, who know their skills and who know how to upgrade them.

These are the 3 ways, in which you can upgrade yourself and lead a life with more confidence. You can grow in your career and make the best out of it. So if you are stuck in a situation where you don’t know how to grow in your career, try these 3 things and see the results.

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- Niharika Pole Sarwate