Taliban writes to India to resume commercial flights to Afghanistan

Taliban writes to India to resume commercial flights to Afghanistan


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The Taliban-controlled Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority / CAA wrote to the Indian aviation regulator DGCA to resume commercial flights between the two countries.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation / DGCA is still yet to take a decision in this issue.

The last commercial flight between India and Afghanistan was operated by Air India on Kabul-Delhi route on August 15 which was the day that Kabul fell to the Taliban. Afghanistan airspace was declared "uncontrolled" by CAA, August 16.

In a letter dated September 7, 2021, CAA's Acting Minister Alhaj Hameedullah Akhunzada requested the DGCA to permit commercial flights of Ariana Afghan airline and Kam Air between India and Afghanistan.

Akhunzada stated in the letter - "As you are well informed that recently the Kabul airport was damaged and (left) dysfunctional by American troops before their withdrawal."

Qatar’s technical assistance helped the airport became operational once again and a NOTAM (notice to airmen) was issued on September 6. He said, "The intention of this letter is to keep the smooth passenger movement between two countries based on signed MoU and our national carriers (Ariana Afghan airline and Kam Air) aim to commence their scheduled flights."

“Therefore, Afghanistan CAA requests you to facilitate their commercial flights, Akhunzada noted. The civil aviation of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan avails its highest assurance."