3 best work from home side hustle ideas just for you...!


This Pandemic has changed a lot in terms of our inner and outer world. We understood the importance of our home, and working from home was such a blessing for those who got that opportunity. Having said that, you also can start your side hustle from your home. There are some great options for you, which will help you to set up your career from your home office. So shall we talk about that today?

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Okay so when I say Side Hustle, That surely means that you can opt for these options along with your 9-5 jobs and studies as well. Win Win situation right? Let’s talk about top 3 work from home options which will be profitable for you.

1. Social Media Manager: Let’s accept the fact that the entire world is available on Social Media. All the small or large businesses are establishing their Identity on different social media platforms. And once they grow, even if a little bit, they need someone to look after their Social Media Accounts, their Social Media Presence, their posts, captions, creatives and everything on social media. Now the question is how to do that? You can learn from the industry experts. Take some online courses and then start building your audience on social media, create a portfolio, work with 3-4 beta clients, gain testimonials and pitch for high paying clients. You cando this all by sitting at your home and from your mobile and laptop. Doable right? Pricing for social media management services starters from somewhere around 200$ / 15000 INR and they can go upto 1000$ too. Completely depends upon the client’s need and your skill set. Profitable af? Think about it.

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2. Video Editor: Since the time Youtube became a massive hit, work from home job opportunities for Video Editors has increased. If you have video editing skills and have a basic prior experience, you can leverage so many global opportunities as well. Many commercial websites need these commercial vidoes for their promotions, agencies, companies, influencers, youtubers, coaches, entrepreneurs all are in need of this service in today’s time. Typically the pricing for this service starts from 100$ per video upto 10 mins video. Charges may vary. If you are keen to learn about video editing there are so many courses available on platforms like Coursera and Udemy. Also you can learn from free videos available on Youtube as well. The Video Editing industry is a very profitable and popular industry in today’s day and time. Make sure you leverage this fact.

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3. Copywriting: High potential industry it is. Copywriting is basically used for selling products or services. The ads that you see on Facebook/ intagram or google involve copywriting. The news letters that you subscribe to involve copywriting. Every business needs a copywriting expert so that their content will bring them sales. Hence if you are good at writing, learn some copywriting skills and earn from your writing skills. The average pricing starts from 400$ when it comes to copywriting for a sales page or entire website. Charges may vary according to the client’s needs. Again it has a potential of giving you the clients who can pay you upto or more than 1000$ for one project. Exciting?

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All you need to do is, enhance your skill set. Work on your skills, polish them, learn from industry experts, and charge the amount that you deserve. Deliver the value and results and your clients will be more than happy to pay you the amount that you deserve.

So are these work from home job options exciting? If you find this article useful do let us know in the comments below. Will see you all in the next one. Till then learn, improve and excel.

- Niharika Pole Sarwate