Hyderabad Youth starts NGO to Rehabilitate the Indigent


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This NGO called Second Chance located in Hyderabad, provides food, clothing and shelter to the abandoned or those forced into labor.
26-year-old Jasper Paul says that there wouldn’t be a need for shelter homes for the needy in the first place, if people learned to take care of each other. Jasper is the founder of the Second Chance Foundation which is a center of rehabilitation for the ones living out on the streets. The organization is also about to launched a unique hospital in September, where the destitute will be treated for free.

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The organization provides food, clothing, shelter and any medical help needed to the needy and those forced into labor. The organization includes a dedicated team of 15 youngsters. These young people are all trained to take care of someone in distress. Till now, Jasper along with his team have rescued close to 1,500 people in need and residents of more than 150 individuals in there 3 homes.
He says that during the pandemic, they rescued more than 100 of such individuals from in around Hyderabad. They also distributed food, clothing, oxygen cylinders, medicines, etc. Unfortunately, one of the staff of the foundation too got infected with Covid. Following this, 11 more inmates also got infected. There were more complications to their health inspite of medication, due to fragile health. But fortunately, all of them had a speedy recovery.
When the organisation receives calls from strangers, they first authenticate the case before their team takes further action in the matter. Recently, the Second Chance received a call from a woman about an old man who was lying outside her house for the past few days. The team then successfully rescued this old man. After the man was rehabilitated, he told the organisation that the woman who called them was none other than his own daughter. She never visited the organization to get to know if he was fine.
He says that there shouldn’t be any such homes existing in the first place. If people took care of their parents in a proper way, such homes wouldn’t have to be out there. In this day and age, people have become extremely selfish, to such a level where they don’t care about their own parents. Jasper further requests people to take care of their parents and not leave them in such dire conditions.
During all of the years that Jasper has worked, he has seen many deaths and also performed their last rites. It all got started when Jasper met with a fatal accident when he was only 19. He miraculously escaped that accident without so much as a scratch. That incident completely changed his life. He says, “Luckily, I did not get injured in the accident and it dawned on me that God was kind. 2 months after my accident, I saw an old woman lying on the road in the rain with injuries and maggots crawling on her. I took her to Gandhi Hospital and uploaded a video on social media and asked if anyone knew about her. It appeared in the newspaper and the next day, she was reunited with her family. Soon, I started the NGO.”
This was about the incredible story about Jasper Paul and his selfless efforts towards the needy. In a world where children leave their own parents out on the streets to fend for themselves, people like Jasper give us hope for their being better people in the world. His efforts truly deserve a huge applause. If more people start helping the destitute, there will be much less suffering in the world. If you know of any more such selfless people like Jasper, tell us in the comments below. Do visit the space for more such stories!