3 Best ways to detox your mind…!


We always have seen people talking about detoxing their body by some sort of detox diet, detox water and what not. Detoxification is not only needed for the body, but it is needed for our minds as well. In an entire day we consume a lot of content. We have a lot of screen time, and in the back of the mind there are 100 things that are running. And it is certainly not good for our mental health. And the result of this is lack of sleep, lack of concentration and low evergy. To save ourselves from this toxicity, let’s break down how we can detox our minds, just like our bodies.

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These are 3 powerful ways, which will help you to detox your mind, and will give your new energy :

1. Journal: This may look basic, but this is very much helpful. Journaling process helps you to declutter your mind. You can vent out all your emotions, feelings and thoughts that you are having about random things in your personal journal. You can feel gratitude by writing your gratitude journal, and you can just feel so light and relax after this entire process. Journaling is considered as the best way to detox your mind. Try it once and feel the difference.

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2. Schedule your time and space without technology: Out screen time is the major reason why we all are lacking in getting better sleep and focusing on IMP things. That’s why this is the high time now we all need to schedule our times and spaces without technology. This is what you can do :

1. Go for a walk without your mobile.
2. Do not touch your mobile in the first 2 hours of your day.
3. Turn off your notifications : This will help you to focus more.
4. Do not use any technology or sceen while having your meals.
5. Have a digital detox atleast once a week

These points will surely help you to improve your concentration and sleep quality.

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3. Learn to say no :
Many times we take pressure because we know that this particular task is not our priority, but we just can not refuse because it can hurt others feelings. Thus we end up spending a lot of time on the things that are not our priority. And end up feeling guilty about the same. There is one thing that can help you if you are also sailing in the same boat. That is “Learning to say no.” It may hurt a few people, but eventually they will understand. For your mmental salinity you have to keep yourself away from toxic and negative people and the things that are not your priority.

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These 3 ways are really helpful for many to detoxify their minds, to have better work life balance and to improve their concentration. Other than that, spending time with babies, spending time with nature, keeping yourself away from negativity also helps you to detox your mind.

Try these 3 things and let us know how your experience was?

- Niharika Pole Sarwate