Have you read these E-books by Shreya Pattar?


E books have immense value. Once you get your hands on a valuable Ebook you can learn a lot, implement things in a better way and you can actually change your life too. You don’t have to carry them, they can go anywhere with you, and you will always get value from it. There are so many authors and so many E books which can change your life. One of them is Shreya Pattar and her Ebooks. Shreya is a Freelance Content Writer, Agency owner and Ebook author. And if you are a freelancer or aspiring freelancer you must read all her Ebooks.

Shreya is an Inspiration for all the youngstres out there who want to start and build their 6 and 7 figure business. She is a student entreprenuer and teaching everyone about freelancing through her Ebooks.

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Anthology: This is Shreya’s first Ebook. This is a compilation of Shreya’s best Linkedin Posts. Those posts that can actually help you about how to write better content, how to create content on Linkedin and what kind of content works. This E book came last year in August. If you are someone who is interested in Freelancing and Content Creation, you must read this book.

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Money Calls: This is the second Ebook by Shreya Pattar where she is teaching you the art of prospect calls. Where she is teaching how you can get paid on the call with your prospect. Her own experiences are so valuable and they will teach you the art of communication with your prospects. A must have books for those freelancers who do a lot of sales calls.

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Freelancing Freedom: And this is the best book by Shreya Pattar till now. This book is made for beginners who are starting their freelancing and know nothing about this world. A book that is a beginners guide which will get them their first client within 10 days. This book has everything for how to create samples, invoices and portfolios to how to pitch your clients. A book that will surely help you to start your freelance journey as soon as possible.

These all books are worth a read, and you must take notes from these because these will teach you everything about content writing, Freelancing and sales calls. If you want to start and build your online business, these books are a must for you.

Here is the link from where you can get these E books.

Hope you will start your freedom journey very soon.