Assam: Tiger Population Goes from 159 to 200 since 2018


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The tiger population in Assam has increased to 200 in 2021 from 159 in 2018 while three of its Tiger reserves -Kaziranga, Manas, and Orang have received authorization of Global Conservation Assured/Tiger Standards aka CA/TS said the Minister for Environment and Forests Parimal Suklabaidya, on Thursday. Presently, there are 121 tigers in Kaziranga, 48 in Manas, 28 in Orang, and 3 in Nameri.
3 tiger reserves at Kaziranga, Manas & Orang have received the authorization of Global Conservation Assured/Tiger Standards (CA/TS) this month for meeting the criterion of effective management of target species for successful tiger conservation, said the minister said on the occasion of Global Tiger Day.
Assam & Madhya Pradesh are the only 2 states in India where these three tiger reserves received the CA/TS accreditation. Particularly in Manas, the tiger conservation was successful where population has gone up from 0 to 48 in the past 20 years. In Kaziranga, it increased to from 90 to 121 in the year2015. Suklabaidya said, conservation of tigers & their natural habitats is key for maintaining health & diversity in an ecosystem.
Especially Assam & India as a whole, has been able to reach its goal of doubling the tiger population 4 years ahead of schedule of St. Petersburg Declaration on Tiger Conservation.
The International Tiger Day / Global Tiger Day is observed on this day each year to raise awareness of the loss of the tiger population globally and the need for conservation. The theme this year is "Save Forest, Save Wildlife: Their survival is in our hands”.