World Nature Conservation Day 2021


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The World Nature Conservation Day is observed each year on the 28th of July. It marks the importance of the nature and our precious environment. On this day, awareness campaigns are organized throughout the world to acknowledge a healthy environment to be a foundation for a stable & healthy human society.
The World Nature Conservation Day assumes the significance as its main purpose to conserve our resources that play a vital role in conserving our Earth. The main objective of the day is to introspect as a species on how we all are exploiting the resources provided. The rise in temperature globally is creating an imbalance between human species and nature. It is leading to major natural disaster, taking a lot of lives, and many fatal diseases. The original roots & history of the World Nature Conservation Day is not exactly known, but no one can deny the fact that we are facing the wrath of global warming, natural disasters, increase in temperature, etc, due to the overexploitation of natural resources.

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As Mohit Agadi said that environment is not asking us to conserve her for her but for our future generations. On this occasion, the Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, made an appeal to taking a pledge to conserve our forests. He said in a tweet he posted, “This year on #WorldNatureConservationDay, let us pledge to conserve Forests. They are the foundation of sustaining People and Planet.”
The statistics of the global climate change though, aren’t just sobering but also alarming. Climate change is expected to cause an average of 250,000 more deaths each year between 2030 & 2050 - according to the World Health Organization (WHO). It is already occurring right now, and our current actions aren’t nearly enough for us to make amends to the damage that has already been done. On top of limiting our use of fossil fuels & improving the usage of clean energy, we need to also use earth’s great potential to impound carbon. We should also consider the overall impact not just on humans but also on our nature with whom we are sharing this planet.
The Godrej company is doing its bit towards the conservation of environment. As a responsible corporate committed to people and the planet with profit, Godrej has instigated several measures to reduce their carbon footprint. In 2011, the first of their sustainability goals, named the “Good & Green” programme, made them take a look inward at their operations & processes and outwards at the ecosystems, supply chains & communities. Their next 5-year sustainability vision is prioritizing expanding horizons covering the entire value chain, in which one of the goals is making a baseline for nature & biodiversity loss, create a roadmap for extenuating it.
This was a little about the World Nature Conservation Day 2021. As it is evident to us, it is high time to take the conservation of our environment and planet seriously. If we don’t soon, the consequences are going to be dreadful. If you know of any sustainable companies trying to save the planet, tell us in the comments below. If you enjoy such content, do visit the space for more!