Mumbai: Doctor Tests Positive Thrice Post-Vaccination


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The 26-year-old doctor, Dr. Shrusthi Halari, tested positive for Covid-19 thrice in these past 13 months; and twice even after receiving both doses of the vaccine. The doctor’s (who worked at the Mulund Covid Centre in the city) swab samples were collected for the genome sequencing as a part of one study where there is occurrence of the infection even after being completely inoculated.
Her family too, got infected with the virus. She says that these reinfections which are occurring are confusing. When got tested positive for the third time, she was at home for the most part while preparing for her post-graduation. This made her highly unlikely to be exposed to the virus.
She was on Covid duty at Veer Savarkar Hospital, Mumbai when she tested positive the first time – on June 17 2020, & had a mild infection. Her whole family got the first dose of Covishield on March 8 2021, and second on April 29.
On May 29, Dr. Halari tested positive for the second time - with mild symptoms again, and got treated at home. On July 11, she got disease again and this time, it was with her whole family. All of them got hospitalised and are being treated with Remdesivir.
She said that she suffered more the third time. Her brother & mother both have diabetes while her father has hypertension & cholesterol issues. Her brother was having difficulty breathing, so he was kept on oxygen for a couple days. They have yet to figure out why or even how she got infected thrice. The doctors said, reasons could range from variants of the virus & low immunity levels to incorrect diagnosis.