How To Boost Your Confidence?

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Confidence is the attitude or ability to believe or trust in yourself, as this word originated from the Latin word ‘fireich' which means “to trust”. Trust your actions and opinions and speaking without any hesitation is confidence. Confidence is not easy to build it requires a lot of hard work like confidence is about knowing your abilities and skills and have kinda control in your life, even accepting your mistake between a bunch of people requires a lot of confidence, whether you are wrong or right, you always need the confidence to speak up, a confident person easily stand out in a crowd, that's why I have some handy tips to boost your confidence.

Take records of your progress and achievements-
You'll lose your confidence if you think that you haven't made any progress and achieved anything. The best way to reach your goal is to record your progress, break your goal into small parts and monitor them. Your progress will also help you to stay on your course and build confidence. Make a list of all your achievements you're proud of and whenever you feel a lack of confidence take out that list and remind yourself how good you are.

Don't be scared-
Let me give you some advice: being a little anxious and making a few mistakes is not a bad thing. You don't have to worry about what you have done wrong because it can affect your future steps, if you always live in fear of failure then how you're gonna try. That's why don't be scared to do it if you think it's right. Like in a class the teacher asked a question and you know the right answer but you didn't answer her due to fear of being wrong. Now think about it, not answering her adds any value in your life not, imagine if you answered and you were right it would be a kinda small achievement and even if you were wrong he should correct you, then why are you afraid of answering, that's why to take actions without fear.

Talk about your feelings-
Hiding feelings is very normal. Sadly, we always think that expressing ourselves may hurt others and never commit what we feel and that nature puts us in further trouble. Like you are working somewhere and your coworker is making you uncomfortable not intentionally, but if you didn't talk about how other people are supposed to know what you're feeling. That's why expressing yourself is very important.

Do what’s right -
If fear of being wrong is resulting in a lack of confidence then just do the right things, ok I know it's not easy. We are humans, not gods so we make mistakes. But what if we try our best to be right, like taking all perspectives before actions. Educate yourself more about every topic of discussion and always try to know what is making up for yourself is not means talking dumb things because then obviously people gonna demotivate you, there acquire more knowledge and speak the facts only education and knowledge can give you right confidence, building convince is not an overnight thing but knowledge can boost your confidence.