Tips for Managing Anxiety During COVID


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Increasing cases of COVID-19 are again causing the sensation of uncertainty, which frequently results in anxiety and stress. many of us feel anxious a bit like you and me once we see the rise in the number of COVID cases and deaths. Well, I feel it’s okay to feel that way because most are not strong enough to ascertain and tackle this type of situation.

Many people are talking about mental health, saying that people should not blame each other or the government or their own family for spreading the virus, etc. Saying all these things about people blaming each other is not the solution, or it will not help you stop getting anxious during this time.

If you are someone who believes in coming up with a solution to the problem, or if you would like to know some tips for managing your anxiety in these difficult times, then let us find some SOLUTIONS, instead of just talking about it!

Focus on the present-

The worries of the future and panic of the past haunt 24/7 and increases anxiety. Instead, one should focus on the present and enjoy moments, observe things around oneself, do small activities like eating and walking mindfully. Plan your schedule and update your to-do list, if you'll keep yourself busy your anxiety will automatically fade. Try to do enjoyable activities like listening to music or reading. Communicate and connect to more people, because when we communicate and connect to more people, our social anxiety gets faded.

Look after your body-

Anxiety is not only mental but also physical like chest pains, upset stomach, restlessness, and irritability, that's why it's important to stay physically fit when you're anxious when you'll get an anxiety attack trying to give your body space, where it can move comfortably. Mostly exercising in open areas and fresh air is recommended but when you're anxious you probably get uncomfortable, so just give yourself a close room and work out there, it doesn't matter where you workout but the thing that matters is how regular you workout, cause only regular workout helps to prevent anxiety.

Limit your news/media exposure-

On both news and social media platforms, there is only negativity, when a person switches on tv the first headline on every news channel is how many people died, which makes you more stressed and worried. That's why try to exclude news and media from your life and try to surround yourself with positivity, also begin with yoga and meditation as its most spiritual and traditional way towards a positive mindset, try to escape from negativity and focus on yourself as when a person activates its positive mindset, anxiety becomes less active in their mind.

Try new hobbies-

We are living in a wacky situation, so uncertainty rules the day and that's what makes the hobby more important these days. Many of us fail to see the value of a purposeful distraction in other words a hobby. The hobby is an intentional distraction that allows us to step out from all of our duties for a small amount of time and refreshes our minds. Our creativity revives when we put ourselves in a place where we are not bearing down but instead we have fun and enjoy doing work. It can be anything like cooking, gardening, playing chess, etc., therefore, do something creative instead of scrolling through social media.