105-year-old man & 95-year-old woman beat Covid in Maharashtra Village


Motabai & her husband Dhenu Chavan were hospitalized in Latur, Maharashtra after having been tested positive for Covid-19.
Motabai who is a 95-year-old woman, and Dhenu Chavan, her husband who is 105-year-old who hail from Latur, beat Covid after having battle the disease for 9 days straight in the ICU. Suresh Chavan, the couple’s son got them hospitalized at Vilasrao Deshmukh Institute of Medical Sciences. He didn’t take the advice of his fellow villages belonging to the village Katgaon Tanda who said that nobody who was hospitalized, survived the virus. The villagers warned them against going to the hospitals, especially as the couple was one of the eldest in the village.
But Suresh went against their advice and got his parents hospitalized. But owing to their ages, everyone was worried for their lives. Suresh said they lived as a joint family. Not just their parents, but their 3 children too tested positive for Covid. All 5 members of the family were tested positive by 24th March. Their parents both had pretty high temperatures and the father a severe stomachache, hence, Suresh didn’t have a choice but to admit them to the hospital as soon as possible.

The elderly couple was incredibly scared to be taken to the hospital, and so was Suresh. But he knew that taking them to the hospital was the apt thing to do in that situation.
The doctor who treated this couple, Dr. Gajanan Halkanche, said that the couples’ CT score was 15/25 which was concerning due to their ages. They both were put on oxygen support and were given 5 doses of antivirals.
His parents always asked Suresh if they would ever get better & be able to go to their village again. Suresh kept telling everyday that they will be discharged the next day. He used to pay the hospital a visit every day, while maintaining distance and used to see his parents through a small window. The doctors treating the couple said that bringing them to the hospital in time and them getting early treatment helped them battle the virus. Getting tested as soon as symptoms are being seen in someone can help them recover much faster. If detected in time and given the proper treatment, people can fully recover within days.
The couple was finally discharged after getting fully recovered, and the villagers said that it was their good deeds that helped him through this virus. Dhenu Chavan was discharged on the 5th of April, and his wife, 2 days after him. Suresh said his father was always a good & charitable person. He donated his land in the village for the construction of a school. These are the kind of great deeds that got him through the disease, according to everyone.
This was about how the Chavan family beat the virus together. Irrespective of their old age, the couple was able to fully recover from Covid, and they have set an incredible example for all those in similar crisis. If they can, anyone can. If you know of any such people who got through the crisis, tell us in the comments below. If you enjoy such content, do visit the space for more. Stay Safe!