Soyuz Rocket Launch Postponed with One-Web Telecom Satellites


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The launch has been postponed till Friday due to replacement of an item of electrical equipments.
On Thursday, Russian space agency - Roscosmos said that the launch of Soyuz rocket was postponed. It will now be taking place on Friday. The rocket is going to be carrying 36 UK tele-communication & internet satellites into space.
OneWeb, which is a London-headquartered company, is working to complete this construction of the constellation of low earth orbit satellites providing improved broadband & other services to the countries all over the world.
This rocket launch is being operated by the European company called Arianespace. It was scheduled for 1743 GMT on Thursday. The Vostochny Cosmodrome (in Russian Far East), was from where it was going to take place.
Roscosmos said, "For technical reasons, the launch...has been postponed to the reserve date.” The launch will now take place on Friday (May 28) at 1738 GMT.
Till now, 2 batches of the 36 OneWeb satellites have been placed into orbit from Russia in 2021. The UK company is planning to make its global commercial internet service operational by next year. It is to be supported by about 650 satellites.
This Vostochny launch site is one of Russia's most essential space projects. It has been designed to reduce reliance on the Baikonur space centre Moscow currently rents from Kazakhstan. The project has been behind schedule, what with its construction being tarnished for years by multiple controversies, like corruption.