Could we “BE” any more emotional? FRIENDS reunion…!


And the day has arrived. It is Reunion day. And like me, all the FRIENDS lovers are in tears now. Just now I switched off the TV and sat down to write all my emotions here. FRIENDS is not just a show, It has never been just a show, it was always an Emotion. A strong connection with all 6 of them. And today watching them all over again after 17 years, just made us all cry, tears of Joy rolling down. Seeing them together, grown so beautifully coming again sitting on that couch was a beautiful feeling.


FRIENDS_1  H x  

In all, one thing was there, they haven’t changed even a bit. Their appearances may have changed, Joey and Chandler may have become fatties but they were still the handsome guys out there. Joey was still joey making all of us laugh at his dumb jokes. Rachel and Monica were as always looking beautiful with their charm. Chandler was still looking funny with his teeth. And Ross, he was just like before. Their trivia game, Phoebe’s Smelly cat song, all those things took us back in memory lane.

We still watch friends every single day. At least one episode, We still watch the TV, but having them in front of our eyes as the reunion of FRIENDS was something magical. They were crying with emotions and we were crying with them, just like we did when the 10th season ended. When they all went to have their last coffee together. FRIENDS taught us to be happy in life.


There were so many secrets revealed in this reunion. Who thought Rachel and Ross had a crush on each other not just on the reel but in real life as well. (Sorry I won’t be calling them Jennifer and David because they will forever be Rachel and Ross for us) We saw Gunther after ages, We saw Ross and Monica’s parents after ages. We met Jannace and her weird laugh made all of us laugh all over again. The 1 hour 39 minutes went by just like a few seconds. It was a magical experience.

Who thought one American Show could make us feel this special. People went crazy in India and bought Zee 5 subscription just to watch FRIENDS reunion. And I am one of those crazy people. FRIENDS made us believe in our dreams, many Rachel’s thought that they could believe in themselves and become independent. Many Chandler’s started believing in commitment and found their Monica. We find OCD freak Monica’s in every household. There are crazy science geek’s like Ross, there are so many Wonderfully Wierd Pheobe’s that are creating history in the field of music or art. There is Joey in every person who has never grown up and still behaves like a baby still is an adorable, cute best friend. 

FRIENDS_1  H x  

We laughed with them, we cried with them, we lived their beautiful moments through them, we forgot our sorrows because of them. FRIENDS is a part of our lives that no one can ever snatch away. We being cray FRIEND’s fans are thanking our stars and thanking the creators of FRIENDS REUNION for making this happen. As we can hear this sentence in our minds “Could we BE any more emotional?”

This reunion will always be special.

A Die heart fan of FRIENDS

Niharika Pole Sarwate