5 Super Seeds for Better Nutrition


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Often neglected in front of nuts and such, seeds need to be an essential part of your diet. Seeds are not only dense in nutrients, but they also provide you with complex carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, & plenty of energy! They have tons of dietary fiber, slowing t he rate of digestion & keeping your digestive system on track. They are able to reduce levels of inflammation in the body, which delays ageing & reduces risk of heart diseases. They contain plant sterols helping keep cholesterol levels in check and reduce the risk of cancer. Here are 5 of the best seeds you can & should consume –
Chia Seeds –

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Chia seeds that have been around to power Aztec armies is super rich in fiber. The fiber in these seeds is different from your regular ones; it swells up, & forms a gel when it mixes with digestive liquids your gut. This gives you a feeling of amazing satiety and it also improves your blood sugar control. These seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids and offer strong antioxidant activity when consumed in proper quantities.
Pumpkin Seeds –

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Trust me, you don’t have to be waiting for the spooky October fest season to be adding these amazing seeds in your diet. In Spanish these are known as pepitas, & contain high levels of unsaturated fats, that keep the body functioning literally just like a well-oiled machine. Pumpkin seeds have iron, which helps maintain high energy levels. They also have magnesium, the testosterone boosting zinc and also vitamin K.
Hemp Seeds -

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These seeds provide us with very high quality plant protein towards muscles. They are among the very few vegetarian sources of complete protein options & containing all 20 amino acids that are essential for building muscle. They have omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids. The seeds are high in vital minerals such as energy-boosting iron, calcium that is needed for our bones, and magnesium.
Sunflower Seeds –

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These are not just inexpensive, but are also packed with good fats, selenium, copper & vitamin E - all of which promote better heart health and avoid inflammation. The high levels of vitamin E in these improve recovery after exercise as it reduces stress in the body, which may result after training. They are rich in folate which is a nutrient which is important for women. It is so rich in fiber, & it leaves you feeling satiated for a longer period of time.
Sesame Seeds –

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These seeds are mostly only just seen on burger buns but they definitely deserve more than just a tiny sprinkling of it. They are an excellent vegan source of calcium, important for building strong bones & giving healthy muscles function. They have copper, needed for numerous enzymatic reactions inside the body. Black sesame seeds have more antioxidant strength than the regular ones.
These were a few of my favourite seeds that are packed with goodness. These are truly underrated and more people should know their benefits and include them in their diets. If you know of any such seeds, tell us in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article and would like more, do visit the space again!