New technology joins battles against the pandemic


There’s been no slack in the second COVID-19 wave in India. Amidst the rising number of Coronavirus cases & the mortality rate in India, precautions, pre-screening, and safeguards are the current need of the hour.

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Bengaluru-based HealthCube which is a point-of-care technology-enabled diagnostics services provider has launched CovidSafe which is a COVID-19 risk management solution.

HealthCube, a diagnostics solution provider & has been founded by Ramanan Laxminarayan. It also launched COVIDSAFE which is a holistic Covid-19 risk management solution. It has aided workplaces, healthcare providers & governments to prevent transmission by regular, repeated screening when the first wave hit. According to Dr Laxminarayan, AgeWell is a device that can take every vital of a patient including oxygen, temp, BP and pulse and flash it on a dashboard when a doctor is tending to various patients simultaneously.