Cyclone Tauktae might be hitting the West Coast this Weekend

In this worrying situation, the India Meteorological Department aka the IMD has predicted the formation of a cyclone storm in the Arabian Sea on the 16th of May. If the cyclone forms, the cyclonic storm would the first to hit this year, the western coast of India. The cyclone is going to be named ‘Tauktae’.

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The IMD stated that a Low-pressure area is expected to form over the southeast Arabian Sea sometime in the morning of the 14th of May. Here’s what the weather department said - “It is very likely to move north-northwest wards across the southeast Arabian Sea and adjoining Lakshadweep area and intensify into a Depression around May 15. It may intensify into a Cyclonic Storm over the east-central Arabian Sea around May 16 and continue to move north-northwest wards.”

This low pressure is expected to turn into quite a heavy rainfall over the areas of Kerala & Lakshadweep on 14 – 15th of May. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are highly likely to have a heavy downpour on the 15th of May.

The IMD has advised fishermen not to venture out in the southeast part of the Arabian Sea, the Maldives, Comorin & Lakshadweep areas, along with/off the coast of Kerala from the morning of 13th of May, as the sea conditions are going to be rough here starting Thursday. Fishermen who want to head to the east-central Arabian sea and along the Karnataka coasts have been asked to stay away from the seas from the 14th of May. And those along the Maharashtra and Goa coasts are asked to keep away on the 15th of May. The fishermen already in the sea have been advised to return to the coast by the nightfall of the 12th of May.