Are you self-motivated? If not, follow this.

Life is full of struggles and challenges. Every new chapter of your life will let you fall in a place, at least once where you need the motivation. And with people so engaging nowadays, it's not possible for someone to be there, pushing you and supporting you to get the best in your life, get what you deserve. Hence, Self-motivation is the only key that helps you grow and groom yourself. There is nobody in this world who knows you better than you. Motivation is not just something that comes from materialistic junks. It is intrinsic i.e., searching inside you. It's not something, monetary or recognition, name/fame. It's the feeling of satisfaction, enjoyment, peace and happiness. One has to evaluate so deep in order to achieve intrinsic motivation. Habitat yourself with the below activities, surely you will somewhat master in self-motivation.

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Focus your energy to one piece at a time:
Simplifying your goals and dedicating all your energy to achieve them is one of the best things one
can do. Engaging yourself in multiple activities and distracting yourself from one to the other will
lead you fall and not excel in even one. Life will bring new challenges at any moment and simplifying
the activities will help you to take very much sorted decision.
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Practice Gratitude :
The journey is too long, and it's really important to be thankful for all your happiness and short
achievements in your way. Always recognise the blessings in your life and the accomplishment you
have made so far. Be proud of all your past achievements, even though it's small and learn from your mistakes, which will help you move forward.

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Seek help and offer it:
When in need, don't hesitate to seek help. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It's good to
reach out to experience and supportive people, who can help you out in growing and grooming you
as a well-being individual. Also, ensure you never miss a chance to help anybody in need. Helping
someone in need will bring satisfaction and pleasure which is unexperienced generally. 
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Do everything, that makes you happy:
Do anything or everything which brings happiness in life. It's not necessary to be a perfectionist in all things. Do the things which make you laugh, brings mental peace and happiness in life. It could be
anything, painting, reading, writing, playing music or just talking. The moment feels like: Crying,
remember God has given you the life to make it worth and happy for yourself and others around
you. Be cheerful and happy, no matter what the situation is. This too shall pass. 
Share knowledge and learnings every day:
Sharing might not be always caring but definitely gaining. when you share your knowledge with
others, it helps you gain more about their experiences towards life and also brings more enthusiasm
in one, to learn more and gain more knowledge. If you want to grow in life, don't keep your learning
a secret. 
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Find out the positivity in Negativity:
It's difficult to find positivity when everything is negative around you. However, honestly speaking,
It's as simple as finding a candle in dark and lightening it up. Every coin has two sides. So, if you are seeing the negativity, you will surely find positivity in the same place or situation. Try to understand the loopholes and have patience in certain situation. you will eventually fall into the right place at the right time which is meant only for you. 
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Be yourself:
People in this world will judge you no matter what. There's a saying: "Don't judge a book by its
cover." But Trust, everyone will judge you without even knowing you. This is human psychology and it works in that way. You can't control other's mind but definitely yours. So, don't take the world seriously. just do what you love, be who you are, and always speak out what you want without a
filter. Be yourself, right people will know you and always understand you if you are right at your
place and just being yourself. 
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 It's not easy to be self-motivated every time, But definitely, you can try out to bring positivity in your life and spreading happiness in the world. It is about giving, not necessarily required to give
materialistic substances and prove yourself. It's always about being there for someone and
practising gratitude for everything in life.
So, Cut off negativity, Spread love, happiness, blessings and positivity wherever you go. :)
Stay Safe ...
By: Nitya Bakshi