How to Make the Most of Each Day!


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There are times in life when each day seems ominous, disappointment or bad news was expected and dreaded, joy and happiness seems impossible to attain. Rather than make the most of each day, we made poor use of that time. People live in shadows, avoiding others except to find solace in the company of those who sought to eradicate the pain, forget failures, and numb the mind. How do you change all that? It is not very easy and quick but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Here are a few tips on how you can live each of your days to their maximum -

Be Present in what you’re doing - While this may sound obvious, accepting it takes practice. But what does it mean? Being present needs paying attention to the moment, without allowing any distractions meddling. It’s being simply mindful. For example, be present while washing dishes. Feel the suds of the dish soap bubble up on your palms. It is not a distasteful task but more involving & satisfying. Just immerse yourself in the process, examine options & arrive at conclusions based on evidence. I do it with recognition & embrace my actions in present.

Pay Heed to what you Eat - Making the most of each day needs enough fuel to just get started. This includes eating right, getting enough nutrition from food and your beverage choices. Lie a car won’t run without power source, the body won’t function if deprived of its fuel source. Even while eating, be mindful of this process. Feel all the senses involved: savour the taste, smell, touch, sight and sound of you eating. This will not just make you more energized; you’ll also be more satisfied.

Make progress in the direction of your Goals - Everyone have things they want to accomplish. Whether it be a project you want that needs to finish or a long-term goal, like obtaining a degree, it’s important to make progress toward it each day. This keeps you motivated over stretches & pushes you to completion if it’s more urgent. Knowing that you’ve gotten some work done on your goals daily is both satisfying & productive. This proactive approach also proves the point that you can accomplish anything you set out to do.

A few other ways to make the very most of your days would be to get in some amount of exercise in daily. Be kind and generous to others always, and learn to forgive. Adding to this, doing something you love will help with making the most of your time too. Getting a good night’s sleep is equally important. Whatever steps you take to make the most of each day, just look forward to the opportunity to learn, grow and live life to the fullest.

Do you have any tips your follow to live your life to the fullest? Let us know in the comments down below! If you enjoyed this article and found it of help, please come back for more such articles. Do not forget to make the most of each day!