3 Small Things That Tell a lot about Someone


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There are a lot of things that we do that unconsciously expose our feelings & personality to others. Whether it's the way you smile, how often you look at your phone screen while talking to someone or the way you eat, anyone who knows on to read these little signs will be able to get a good read of you. Alternatively, if you know reading these signs, you can know the nature and feelings of the person you’re dealing with. Hence, here are a few things that are easy to ignore but reveal a lot of details about the people you interact with.
A Handshake - A strong handshake testifies to an extroverted person who likes to express his feelings clearly, and if someone puts their hand on your shoulder when greeting, take it as a sign that they are fond of you / or they’re trying to manipulate you. If someone grabs your hand with both hands, it is a sign that they either need something from you, or that they have something important to tell you. A study revealed, people with firm handshakes are more likely to be extroverted & emotionally expressive and less likely to be shy & neurotic.
How often they check Their Phone - The more a person looks at his phone to check emails / texts or reads articles while sitting right in front of you, the more likely they are to be bored easily and end up seeking some external stimulus often. It might even say that the person may be less emotionally stable and trying to boost their mood, if they’re checking their phone more often.
The way they position their feet while sitting - People who sit with their legs together have low self-confidence and who find it difficult to rely on others easily, while those who sit with straight legs that aren’t close together love humour & feel comfortable with others. Those who cross their legs enjoy company of others but also demand respect from them, and those who cross ankles are perfectionists & generous. People who put cross their legs with one foot over the other are ambitious & competitive.
A few other things that significant are you handwriting, which is known to tell a lot about you. The way you eat, the kind of coffee you like, the kind of footwear you like, all tell a lot about the kind of personality you have. Noticing these tiny things usually give away a lot about someone that you might not have been able to know ever, if you didn’t notice them.
These were some things that will definitely give away a lot about someone even through the subtleties. Next time, if you could like to know a little more in depth about someone without blatantly asking them, look out for these signs. They will definitely help you try to figure out the person better. If you know some things seem insignificant, but reveal a lot, write them in the comments down below. If you enjoyed the article, do come back for more such content!