5 Ways to Not let Negativity Get to you


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Got some friends or colleagues or even family who can be negative? If yes, you will know they aren’t the most enjoyable of people to be around. We know negative people can be real downers in any conversation. No matter what you say, they will find a way of spinning things in a negative perspective. Some people are so negative that it feels draining just simply being around them. I deal with negativity on-and-off in my life. But rather than get affected by others’ negative energy, I now consciously deal with it. Today, I’ll be sharing with you some tips to deal with negative people:
Be Empathetic – Has something annoyed you so much before, then have someone tell you to “relax” or to “calm down”? How did you feel? Did you relax as the person suggested or did you feel even more worked up? People, who are negative, benefit from an empathetic ear than suggestions / solutions on what the person should do. By helping them address the emotions, the solutions will come to them naturally.
Help - Some have a habit of complaining as a way of crying for help. They may not be conscious of it though, so their comments come across as complaints rather than as legitimate requests. Take the onus to lend a helping hand. Just a simple “Are you okay?” or “Is there anything I can do to help you?” can do wonders.
Always come up with light Topics – A few negative people are triggered by certain topics. For example: A person dives into a self-victimizing mode whenever talking about his work. No matter what people say or doesn’t, but he’ll keep complaining when someone talk about work.
The first instinct with negative people should be to help bring them to a more positive space. But if it’s apparent the person is stuck in negativity, the unhappiness may be too deeply rooted to address in a one-off conversation, or for you to help him unravel it. Bring a new topic to lighten the mood. Ones like movies & shows, day-to-day occurrences, common friends, make for light conversation. Divert it to areas the person feels positive towards.
Praise them for Positive Instances - Negative people are not only negative to others but also to themselves. If you always feel negative around them, just imagine what they feel all the time. What are the things the person is good at? What do you like about the person? Recognize the positive things and praise them for it. They’ll be surprised at first & might reject the compliment, but on the inside they’ll be feeling positive and happy. It’s the first seed of positivity you’re planting in them & it’ll surely bloom in the long-term.
Never hang out with them alone - Having someone else in the conversation or meeting works wonders in easing the load of the conversation. If it is a 1-1 communication, all the negativity will be directed towards you. With someone else in the conversation, you don’t have to bear the entire brunt of negativity.
Were re any of these tips useful to you? Do you have any personal experiences on dealing with negative people? Do let us know in the comments down below. If you enjoyed this article, do come back for more!