Maharashtra records highest single-day spike - more than 30,000 fresh cases


Maharashtra covid cases_1
Maharashtra’s tally is now 2,479,682, while the no. of fatalities is 53,399. Since the 17 th of March, the
state has been reporting over 20k cases every single day, taking the count to 132,354 new Covid
cases in only 5 days.
Maharashtra on Sunday recorded its highest single-day spike with 30,535 new Covid-19 cases. Since
the pandemic broke out in the state on March 9, 2020, the state has never recorded over 30,000
cases on a single day. Mumbai also recorded its highest single-day spike with 3,779 cases. On
Sunday, the state recorded 99 deaths, 10 of which were in Mumbai. The state’s tally has reached
2,479,682, while the number of fatalities remains 53,399. Since 17 th of March 17, the state has been
reporting over 20,000 cases daily, which takes the count to 132,354 fresh Covid cases in just 5 days.
The guardian minister of Nanded - Ashok Chavan said, an 11 day curfew will be imposed in the
district from March 24 at midnight. A curfew restricts the assembly of over 5 people.
There are 210,120 active cases in the state, the highest being in Pune - 42,015, then in Nagpur -
29,771, the 3 rd being Mumbai - 22,081, followed by Thane - 19,788 and lastly Nashik - 15,619.
On Sunday - the cities of Nagpur, Nashik and Pune recorded a high number of cases: close to 2,747;
1,666 & 2,978 respectively.