4 Unexpected Uses of Lavender!


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If you're looking for something to calm both the body and the mind, you won’t have to look further than the classic essential oil - lavender oil. While the pretty purple plant itself is a sight for sore eyes, the plants’ versatile essential oil is where the healing powers are actually present. From the head to your toe, lavender oil can help you majorly de-stress, decompress & also will help you develop your healthiest routines you would ever experience.

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So here are a few uses of lavender that you may not have known of:
Helps with Stress – This is probably the number one and the most popular use of lavender. In a study, researchers have found that lavender oil can be just as good as anxiety medication for general anxiety. For 6 weeks, a group of participants took the anxiety-reducing medication Lorazepam while another group took an oral dosage of the lavender oil. At the end of the 6 weeks, both groups reported an almost identical decrease in anxiety which was 45% and 46%, respectively. When it came to some more extreme conditions, the oil still proved to be effective – In a study conducted in 2017, it was found that lavender aromatherapy also calmed anxiety levels in preoperative patients.
May Help with Hair Loss - While the research is still preliminary, one animal study has shown that applying lavender oil once a day for 4 weeks to the backs of mice stimulated hair growth on all facets: from follicle number to depth to thickness. Clinical trials in humans are yet done, so the jury is still out on this, but perhaps this is the inspiration you need to add a couple drops of lavender to your hair masks. Massaging your scalp regularly with lavender oil & a few other herbs essential oils may help slow hair loss from alopecia areata.
Soothes Pain/Wounds – Lavender has proved to help soothe minor wounds or pains. A study was done on animals and in it, it was found that when this oil is applied topically, it closed up wounds way faster than any other solutions used like saline or iodine. This took place over a course of 5 days. Researchers concluded that this phenomenon is up to improving the quantity of EGF aka the epidermal growth factor in the skin, which is necessary for regenerating tissues. Another study showed that inhaling lavender essence which is aromatherapy, eased pain from C-section childbirths.
Eases Headaches – Having a pounding head you can’t get rid of? Try sniffing some lavender. A study, looking at 47 patients who suffered from regular migraines prescribed half of the group regular 15-minute lavender-smelling sessions while the other half inhaled a placebo. The effects seen were immediate and lasting – the researchers found that those in the experimental group reported significantly lesser severity of those migraine attacks for the next 2 hours.
A few other benefits are that lavender helps you get natural glow on your skin. The antioxidants in it help achieve this desired glow. Just add a drop of lavender oil in your lotion every night and you will see amazing results really soon. It has also proved to improve sleep quality. Just inhale lavender oil twice a week and you will notice your sleep quality improving a lot.
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