4 Ways to Manage Your Side-Hustle with Your Full-Time Job


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A lot of people aspire to have a side-hustle of their own but do not take the necessary steps towards it. The reasons may vary, but some of the most common ones are that they don’t have enough time to give towards it or maybe it won’t work out for them. But once you overcome all of these doubts, your side hustle can actually work for you and can become a pretty regular and well-paying stream of income.
A lot of people wait to quit their job to start with their side-hustle and hence they never end up getting to it. This article will give you a few tips to start off with your side-hustle while you’re working a 9-5.
Value your Job – It is not acknowledged a lot, but the benefits of having a 9-5 are a lot and these should be valued more. You might feel that you’re wasting a lot of time at your job when you would rather be giving all of your time to your dream business. But on the flip side, people often forget how stressful not getting a steady regular paycheck could be. Your job will let you save up or invest a lot for your venture, and in business, it will make the world of difference. Besides, financial stability will help you make better decisions for your venture.
Be Realistic of How Much Time you Can Commit – When scheduling your week; be realistic about how much time you will be able to commit to your side project, so as not to overburden yourself. This can often put you in a slump or exhaust you beyond measure. If an unexpectedly busy week at your full-time job, ask your clients for an extension on your project. Because there are weeks when your job demands more work than you anticipated so there could be a set-back in your side-gig.
Networking – Networking is super important and is the key when you’re hustling. Be around more who are doing the same thing you are, and nothing will be a bigger motivation than that. Also, it will hold you accountable but will also give you fresh ideas. It is said that entrepreneurship is a lonely world. Networking makes it a little less lonely. You will be walking the path much less traveled; hence fewer people will be doing the same thing you are. You are going to have to put in a lot more effort to find like-minded people like you. Finding such people can give you a big push in this space.
Outsource if Possible – When you have to balance your side hustle with your job, time is your biggest concern. To leverage your income as much as you can, you should hire someone as soon as you can. By doing this, you will streamline processes and won’t waste time on things that actually don’t even require you. Outsourcing will definitely save you a ton of time and scale your business higher as you will actually be focusing more on what your core passion really is. It is a great and very needed investment in such situations.
These were just some of the many tips that one will need when trying to balance their work and side-hustle simultaneously. A few other simple tips would be to use your surplus PTO days for your passion.
Organize your time really wisely by making the most out of your nights and weekends. Not binging Netflix or not going out with your friends would be inevitable. But such small sacrifices will pay off for sure and make you successful in your side-hustle, and also in life.
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Happy Hustling!