Keep your workplace relationships healthy…!


If you are a working professional you must have faced office politics like any other working person. It can be exhausting, toxic and at times super stressful, which can affect your mental health as well as work. So what can be done to make this situation a bit easy, and to improve your workplace relationships?

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So there are many ways, but today we will talk about those 4 ways, which will help you to keep your work relationships healthy. So let’s begin with it. 

1. Keep your communication transparent: Transparency is the most important factor when it comes to work-related relationships, otherwise, things can go wrong horribly. So make sure that you keep your all communication transparent. Do not hide things or manipulate unnecessarily. Keep your communication clear. It will help you to build trust amongst your fellow co-workers. 

Eg. : If you are not able to do a particular task, be clear about it and share it with your colleagues. Do not try to act over smart it always backfires. 

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2. Do not discuss other employees: Discussing others can always harm you because you never know how they will come to know about these discussions. So make sure that you don’t discuss others. It is bad for your own image, and for your other work relations as well. Gossips are never good for any workplace, it adds nuisance value only. And you are not there for that, so avoid gossip, have clear and clean intentions. This will help you to be open with all. And you won’t have any prejudice about anyone. 

Eg: If you don’t like someone because of your own experience, instead of discussing that with others, keep a safe distance from them. 

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3. Treat everyone equally: The best rule to maintain your work relationships healthily is to treat everyone equally. Even if you have some good friends at your workplace try not to behave special with them, it can create negative emotions like jealously, hate and insecurity in others. Also, it will harm your work relations with your friends as well. So make sure that you treat everyone equally. 

Eg. Even if you have a best friend at the workplace, make sure that you help the colleague sitting next to you as well. 

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4. Support your colleagues: Supporting your colleagues will always help you to grow as well. Keeping your ego high and not helping others will only make you a bad colleague. Helping others can help you to grow, enhance your leadership skills and it will make you a better person. You can always initiate and help your teammates, not just for the sake of doing it but to make some genuine professional connections. 

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These are the way by which you will be able to build and maintain healthy work relationships. Be a good person and help others, Rest will follow. 

- Niharika Pole Sarwate