Why is the Virus Spreading Faster in Amravati?


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Since the start of February, Amravati district in the state of Maharashtra has recorded alarming jumps in the new cases of Corona virus, and became a new Covid-19 hotspot in the entire state. Fresh curbs were also imposed here due to the rising number of cases in the district.
But why actually is Amravati witnessing maximum number of Corona virus cases recently? Dr Subhash Salunke who is the technical adviser to the Maharashtra Health Department spoke about his visit to Amravati.
Dr Subhash Salunke said he paid a visit recently to both Amravati & the city of Achalpur in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. Dr Salunke explained the 3 factors responsible for rapid spread of Corona virus in the Vidarbha region –
The 1st factor being the virus, its structure, mutations and its capacity of transmission
The 2nd factor being the person infected & transmitting it to others
The 3rd is the environment and weather.
"The Corona virus mutation has happened several times and the virus is infecting at a much faster pace as compared to the virus which was detected in the earlier stage that is in April, May, June & July 2020," said Dr. Salunke. Raising an alarm over the situation, Dr Salunke said that the virus is gradually transmitting to districts like Pune & Mumbai.
"If immediate steps to control the spread are not taken, then the day is not far away when it can spread to other states in the country," he added.
However, Dr Salunke also said that the new Covid strains, detected in Amravati and Yavatmal districts of Maharashtra, aren’t responsible for the rise in the cases in Maharashtra. Lastly, he also added that the Covid-19 vaccination drive in Maharashtra is definitely going to help in controlling the spread.