Inspiring Quotes by Steve Jobs

Having an Apple product, be it an iPhone, iPod or something else is not just about fashion but a status symbol and no matter what the person holding it would have an interesting story to go along with it. The maker of these products, the creator of these luxuries was no less interesting. Steve Jobs had a fascinating & inspiring life.
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Born in 1955, Jobs was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. Steve’s love for building stuff could be seen from an early age as to nurture his talent his father Paul Jobs built Steve a workbench in his garage to let him "pass along his love of mechanics.” He also liked electronics and by age 10 was deeply immersed in it.
At the young age of 19 years old, Steve Jobs along with Daniel Kottke visited India. This was the time when the country was known more as the land of mystery, philosophy and enlightenment. Jobs too nurtured these thoughts decided to explore them more. Later on his partner on this trip, Daniel Kottke became the first employee of Apple.
After seven months in India, Jobs returned to the USA. He met Steve Wozniak in 1976 and the Apple came to be. There was a time that Steve Jobs was removed from his own company but rather than be defeated he rose from the ashes and was welcomed back to Apple. He also started the company Pixar whom we can thank for ‘Toy Story’ and some “real” and relatable princesses.
So, on this day when Steve Job would have turned 66 years old, we bring you the quotes by this legend and hope that they may inspire you to cross your own bounds and achieve greatness.

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