5 Effective Ways to Get Out of a Slump


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We all know the feeling when we don’t feel like doing anything fun, professional, or even otherwise for a long while. When you have a bit of free time for yourself, you only end up surfing the web or watching TV, and then later feel guilty for it. You know you have higher ambitions, but can’t commit to yourself. If you had to sum up your attitude in one word here, it would be “blah!”
Hitting a slump and feeling unmotivated affects all of us, even people who love their lives completely. Slumps can be temporary or more long-term. Whatever the reason, your slump doesn’t have to go on. Here are a few ways to get out of one –
Move – Being stagnant usually comes with being in a mental slump. To get out of this, you need to get your juices flowing again to start coming up with solutions for the problem. One thing you can do is work out. Work outs release endorphins which reduce stress levels and increase happiness. Even if it is something as menial as walk around your neighborhood or work place, it is an amazing way to refresh yourself and clear your head.
Change Up your Routine – Even this has to do with being stagnant. Honestly, routines can do one a lot of good but sometimes, they can be bad. When it comes to health, exercising should definitely be a routine thing to do. But when it comes to your work, routines tend to wear people down. This happens a lot more when you don’t love what you do.The best ways to break yourself from such routines isif you’re in a 9-5; try out freelancing for a few months. You can consider asking your boss for a different position at work. But don’t continue to work for a long period of time, somewhere that doesn’t make you happy.
Journal – Often, we tend to get lost in our own thoughts. This happens especially when we’re in a mental slump. We spend a lot of time thinking of solutions that we forget some of the good ones. As you work through your process, it is always a good idea to write things down. Even if it’s just a simple “word vomit” on a piece of paper, writing it down is conducive to creativity. Also, you’ll be able to reference this list later sometime.
Reconnect with an Old Friend - The people we interact with on a fairly regular basis can influence our emotions & our perceptions on things. Perhaps earlier in your life, you used to be friends with someone who had a lot of drive/went on funadventures. The sheer act of calling that person can boost your spontaneity and drive. If all your old friends seem out of reach, find new ones to fill that role. Hanging around people with a lively attitude will definitely help you change for the better.
Get Proper Sleep – Getting a good night’s sleep will definitely start your days well and you’re less likely to feel unmotivated as you will be well rested. Get a sleep of 8 hours without letting anyone disturb you. The whole idea of “sleep is for the weak” is one of the stupidest and most destructive quotes that exist as sleep is important for good health. You need your sleep to rebuild your system, rest your brain, and to get ready for the day ahead. It is not healthy to lose out on sleep.
These were few simple and practical ways to get out of a mental slump. These ways are simple and doable and you can easily implement them in your daily life.
Do try these the next time you happen to be in a slump and are feeling unmotivated. I hope these help you get out of it, do let us know if these helped you. Come back for more!