5 Habits of Mentally Strong People


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Mental toughness is one of the keys to achieving everything you desire in life, but it is especially important in getting over hurdles or goals that seem tough. A few amazing things in this world come to us without even a little bit of adversity. Adding on, nothing amazing can happen to your life if you stay in your comfort zone. It could be anything; achieving a promotion you need, making your marriage work, building your side hustle, none of these come without challenges. Which is why the reward for our hard work always feel so sweet.
The traits of grit and resilience are attached with overcoming challenges and relates to developing your mental toughness. With focus and determination, you can achieve your dream life. So here are a few habits / traits of mentally tough people you can practice to make the journey towards your dream life smoother:
They Love a Challenge – Mentally tough people will usually look at an obstacle as a challenge, not as a paralyzing event or situation. They will also look at losses or failures as lessons and learn something from them. They will strive to grow from it. They embrace these obstacles better than others because they fully lean into it. This is a great trait to have as with each obstacle, it will get a little easier to get past it.
Reflect True Confidence - Research has shown that confident people are able to achieve more goals, like getting quicker promotions or higher incomes than their peers. True confidence, is the opposite of false confidence that people show as a cover up for their insecurities is a whole other issue in itself. But mentally strong people are not ones to show false confidence, as they are truly confident in themselves. They are able to prove this by moving forwards always, despite any obstacle in their way.
Embrace Changes – Mentally tough people are flexible and fluid, and don’t shy away from adapting. They constantly adapt. Fear of change is debilitating and is a definite threat to success and fulfillment, and they know it. They go on about their life just assuming that change is lurking round the corner and hence, are constantly planning for contingencies. People who embrace and adapt to changes find little in this world to be daunting.
Learn from the Past, but don’t Dwell – people or teams that showcase real mental strength, practice the art of debriefing or after-action reviews in military terms. When you’re pursuing any goal or dream, it is important to take a quick reflect on whether things are going well so far; and also if things aren’t then what are the areas for improvement. Take the valuable insights along and move on.
Never let Haters bring them down – Having to interact with toxic people in personal and professional life is inevitable, and everyone goes through that at some point in time. But the ones who are mentally tough limit their time with such people. They do not delve into long conversations with such people and don’t let their words / actions affect them. They stay away from individuals who don’t add value to their life.
These were just a few traits of people who show mental strength in the toughest of situations. People always look up to such people and seek inspiration from them. A few other habits are – they always want feedback and criticism. They also always focus on their mental & physical wellness, keeping it a priority. Anyone can achieve this strength with some intentional practice towards it. Go for it!