World Wetland Day 2021

As today, the 2nd of February, is the Wetland Tourism Day, we are celebrating this day by telling you about some places in India that are famous for Wetland Tourism along with a little about the Wetland Tourism Day. As we know, wetlands are one of the main ecosystems in the world. The Ramsar Convention has enlisted various ecological zones as the main wetlands in the World; and it has also categorized many such wetlands in India. Ramsar Convention was actually a treaty, which was made to conserve the wetlands in the world. This treaty was signed on the February 2nd in 1971 in the Iranian city of Ramsar. To mark this day, every year February 2nd is celebrated as World Wetlands Day.
As wetlands are a unique ecosystem; the lands / areas which are filled with water permanently or seasonally. There are several types of wetlands that can be found: swamps, rivers, lakes, backwaters, marshes, mangroves, etc. Some eco-sensitive zones are categorized as Ramsar sites in India. Like the Ashtamudi Lake in Kerala, Bhitarkanika Mangroves in Odisha, Keoladeo Ghana National Park in Bharatpur, etc. are some of the important and popular wetlands in India.
Ashtamudi Lake –
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This Lake is one of many popular tourist attractions located in Kollam, Kerala. The lake is large, and is known for its houseboat rides and the thrilling boat races that I am sure you must have heard of, that happen in Kerala. This lake is actually one of the Ramsar sites which hold International importance in our country. A fun fact about this place is that it is the most visited backwater destination located in Kerala.
Chandra Tal –

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This beautiful lake is located in Spiti. This is actually a popular trail for trekking in the Himachal Pradesh. Chandra Tal is one of the main wetlands present in our country. it has a rugged and rather inhospitable surroundings it is still really pretty clad with some rare flowers and wildlife in the summertime.
Tsomoriri Lake –

Tsomoriri Lake – _1  
This gorgeous lake is a high altitude one. It is surely one of the most picturesque wetlands in India. It is alternately called as Lake Moriri or the Mountain Lake. The altitude of the lake is 4,522 m. The lake’s surrounding protection is known as the Tsomoriri Wetland Conservation Reserve. It is the largest high altitude entirely in India and in Ladakh inside the Trans-Himalayan biogeographic area.
Keoladeo National Park -
Keoladeo National Park -_
This national park is known for the swampy woodlands and the dry grasslands vegetation and is located in the ancient city of Bharatpur in Rajasthan. The wetlands here are seasonal and will dry up during the summers. You will find a lot of species of animals and birds in this park which magnificent and unique.
Chilika Lake –
Chilika Lake – _1 &n
This is an important piece of wetland situated in Odisha. Chilika Lake has brackish water being one of the largest coastal lagoons in India. It is known to be a big spot for some unique bird species. It is located at the mouth of the Daya River which flows into the Bay of Bengal. In fact, it is the largest ground for migratory birds in the subcontinent of India.
This was a little about the Wetland Tourism Day and a few of the important locations for it. I hope you enjoyed this article and found it interesting. If you did, do comment down below your favorite spots for wetland tourism which you found the most beautiful. Come back for more such interesting content!
- Kinjal dixit