Students &Teacher Infected with Covid after Re-Opening Schools


A female student was found infected with Covid-19 last week in Dausa’s Lalsot, after which this student was quarantined and the classroom she was attending classes in, was shut.
After the re-opening of public and private schools in Rajasthan, a few students along with a teacher were tested positive with Covid-19 which led them to have to be quarantined. A random sampling was later ordered in schools, said the officials.
New cases have been found in schools in the districts of Pratapgarh and Jhalawar. The classes for the private and the government schools from 9th to 12th had re-opened from January 18th this year, which followed the opening of classes 6th to 8th.
While at least one girl student in Jhalawar, Jhalrapatan & Bhawanimandi government girls school have been tested positive; a male student from a private school in the Bhawanimandi district and a teacher from a Jhalawar school has tested positive in Jhalawar district in the last few days, officials said.
Following the detection of infection in school, random sampling of students is being done in Jhalawar district. A female student has been found Covid-19 infected in Dausa’s Lalsot last week, after which the student was quarantined and the classroom, she attended, was shut.
"All the students who have tested positive are studying in class 9 to 12 and all have been quarantined, while the affected schools have been sanitized," said the district education officer of Jhalawar, Mr. Surendra Singh Gour.
Earlier this month a different student has been found infected with the disease in a government school in Chiklad area of the Pratapgarh district following the student being quarantined and the school being closed down shut for 2 days, said Yugal Bihari Dadhich, the chief district education officer, Pratapgarh.
The Director of Secondary School Education in Rajasthan, Saurabh Swami said that all the chief district education officers aka CDEO have been instructed to follow all SOPs for the containment of Covid-19 which includes the quarantining the infected students, closing the school for a week, and sanitization of the school which was infected.