5 Tips to Focus and Avoid Distractions


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Staying focused on your tasks at hand can be difficult in a busy work environment or even at home. Distractions exist everywhere. Phone calls, an overwhelming amount of emails in your inbox, or the temptation of checking social media for some time, or even distracting co-workers make it really hard to focus on your work a 100%.
So, here are a few tips to help you focus more on your work and reduce your distractions. Hope these help!
Pre-Plan your Day the Night Before –Jot down your to-do list for the next day, and mark at least 2 things on the list that are extremely important and need to get done urgently, and which will make you feel super productive. The 2 things marked important will be because completing the 1st thing will take lesser time to be completed than you’d expect. Keep the second task as a backup. Do these two tasks before returning your e-mails, making calls or scrolling through Twitter, as these things kill the time in the morning the more than anything else does.
Begin with Smaller Goals – Big fat goals seem perfectly great in motivational speeches but they do not help in achieving important goals or focusing on them. Piece your goals into smaller ones which will be achieved more easily than bigger goals. This will result in taking up lesser amount of your time and hence lesser focus. This will surely increase the odds of you getting the task done faster without distractions.
Using visual Reminders Helps – For example, stick on your wall the word `focus`. It will act as a reminder for you to focus on your task at hand and shun away the temptation of checking your Facebook or taking a break which isn’t needed. Each time you feel this way, repeat the word out loud thrice. It has helped me a lot and still does.
Work Alongside Productive Colleagues – It may be obvious, but make sure that at your workplace, you are surrounded by productive people, and it will make it very much more likely that this will increase your productivity levels too. Sitting and surrounding yourself with someone who works diligently will inspire you to do the same and keep you from getting distracted. Make sure you set some strict boundaries with those who get distracted easily and interrupt you in the process. This will help a lot.
Take a Break – Take regular breaks, like small walks, away from your work environment as these help a lot with recharging your batteries. Taking short walks help refresh your mind and body and give your brain a rest. It will help you focus on your next tasks at work once you return to the workplace. This has proven to help with focus.
These were some simple things you can do in your daily life to increase your focus so as to reduce your distractions and make your work quality better. You should definitely try these out if you struggle to focus on your work or studies. But do reward yourself for the hard work and focus when you need. Rewarding yourself will inspire you to be all the more productive with your work. It is a great way to increase self-motivation.
If you try these, do let us know in the comments how you found them and if these helped you. Come back for more such content.
Stay Focuse,d! Stay Productive!