104-YO woman proves age is just a number, scores 89% in State Education Exam!


It is widely believed all over the globe that hard work makes everything achievable, because hard work towards any of your goals needs a lot of time and resource available, but that is what makes Kerala’s 104-year-old Kuttiyamma’s feat even more remarkable.

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According to reports, she has become nothing less than a local star after scoring 89 out of 100 in the state’s literacy mission exam. The “Saksharatha” test was conducted in the Ayarkunnam panchayat of Kottayam.

Kuttiyamma, even though she could read, never got any official school education, and could not write. With the help of Saksharatha Prerak Rehna, she eventually learned how to write, and dutifully attended her classes that were held each morning and evening at her place.

Now, Kuttiayamma has become eligible to write the class 4 exam! The report also said that she is hard of hearing, and at the start of the exam, reminded the invigilators to speak a little louder for her, so that she would not miss any announcements or instructions.

The Minister for Education and Labour of Kerala, V Sivankutty, took to Twitter to share Kuttiyamma’s achievement with the entire world! “104-year-old Kuttiyamma from Kottayam has scored 89/100 in the Kerala State Literacy Mission’s test. Age is no barrier to enter the world of knowledge. With utmost respect and love, I wish Kuttiyamma and all other new learners the best,” he wrote on the platform. He also attached a picture of Kuttiyamma with the post, which shows her beaming with the most endearing and pure smile.

Several elderly women have emerged as exceptionally successful in these exams in a number of previous years also. Centenarian Bhageerathi Amm, along with 96-year-old Karthiyayini Amma, hailing from Kerala, were selected together for the Nari Shakti Puraskar for 2019 by the Central government for their exceptional contribution towards women’s empowerment.

These women, just like Kuttiyamma, had scored exceptionally well in their Kerala Literacy Mission test, as per reports. Before them, Karthiyani Amma from Alappuzha had scored 98 out of 100 in “AkshraLaksham”, which was a leading programme of the Kerala State Literacy Mission Authority, in October 2018.

We, as a society should encourage more and more people to get their education, no matter what their age might be. Eradication of illiteracy can play a big role in the progress of our nation, as education teaches us many things and makes us capable of making better decisions.

Comment down below your thoughts on Kuttiyamma’s amazing achievement, which she was able to attain at the age of 104! If you know of any more such outstanding elderlies in the society, tell us in the comments. If you enjoy such stories, do visit the space for more!