13-YO Hyderabad girl scales Mount Kilimanjaro, has eyes on 6 more summits


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A 13-YO girl hailing from Hyderabad has recently scaled the Mount Kilimanjaro which is the highest mountain located in Africa. The peak is known for its snow-capped peaks. After accomplishing this feat, Muriki Pulakita Hasvi now wants to climb the rest of the 6 summits around the world.

According to reports, Hasvi said that the preparation for her latest mountaineering trip to Mount Kilimanjaro began 3 months back, which was right after she climbed the Everest base camp in April of this year. Hasvi said, “After doing base camp, I realised that I want to complete all seven summits therefore I stated preparation then and there.”

She said that, to be able to climb a mountain one needs to be strong mentally. What she learnt in all this is that for mountaineering, you have to be mentally strong. Hence, she used to do all of the activities like yoga and meditation to keep herself mentally strong.

Hasvi said she wants to climb all the 7 summits before 2024. She has already made all the plans to accomplish so.

She says that her message to all young generations would be to not ask them to choose mountaineering, but basically to encourage them to conquer the mountain in their lives.