Afghan Interpreters who worked for Dutch, summoned by Taliban

Afghan Interpreters who worked for Dutch, summoned by Taliban


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Afghan interpreters who had worked for Netherlands have now been summoned court by the Taliban who have threatened their families, said reports, on Friday.

The interpreters are currently in hiding, but their families will be responsible if they fail to show up in court. They will be "severely punished to teach other traitors a lesson," said a letter from the Taliban.

The recipient, who worked for policing agency of EU, Europol, in Afghanistan, was suspected of taking "dishonourable and forbidden money" from foreigners.

Another letter to an interpreter whom Taliban accused of being responsible for deaths of their fighters said, “We will take revenge. If we are not able to get hold of you, we will settle scores with your near ones.”

All signs show the letters, bearing official seals, were despatched by the Taliban. It said it had contacted about 10 interpreters or people who worked for the Dutch and who all said their situation was getting difficult.

The Taliban, earlier, pushed interpreters who worked for foreign forces to repent, but urged them to stay in Afghanistan after withdrawal of foreign forces and assuring them they would not be harmed.

But despite their pledges not to avenge themselves, a confidential UN report said, the Taliban were tracking down people who worked with foreign forces.