5 Ways to Better Your Morning Routine


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We’ve all been looking forward to 2021 for months. This was in the anticipation of things getting better once the New Year rolls in, and the hope that a fresh start would help the situation. With people making resolutions towards the start of the year, lives would be tweaked and would be looking a little different than a month ago. Hence, this article is going to be about how to enhance these tweaks and shape a nice morning routine which will help you in the long run. So, if you would like to know some key things you could incorporate in your mornings that highly successful people themselves did to better their life then keep reading!
 Doing some stretches right after waking up does your body better than you realize. After your sleep, where you spend a lot of sedentary time, taking a few extra seconds in the morning to stretch the muscles will be a more than satisfying start to the day. You could even start off by doing some simple bed yoga stretches which work just as great.
Drinking water, especially lemon water, first thing in the morning, will spike up your energy like nothing else will. Lemon will you give natural energy to start off your morning & will continue to absorb nutrients in the stomach throughout the length of the day. But make sure to drink it on an empty stomach for the best results. The benefits of lemon are endless and you must already know a lot of them. Just make sure to not drink the juice as is, but mix it with water, as the raw juice is bad for the teeth.
This is probably the most repeated thing everyone says, but that is because it truly is that important. There are several benefits of working out in the morning. It not only makes you stronger and healthier, but will also serve you with a ton of energy for the entire day. Doing the workouts in the morning not just makes sure that you have enough time for it, but it will also help you with self-control through the day. I am sure you’re not likely to opt for junk
food if you’ve worked out in the morning. So, make sure you get moving in the morning time.
A lot of people in the world do not even eat any breakfast in the morning. Eating it itself places you ahead of them. But a lot of people, who do eat breakfast, tend to eat things like sugary cereal, or a lot of carbs which takes away the purpose of eating breakfast. So, make sure you eat something healthy, with a lot of protein. Some eggs will be sure to provide you with the energy you need for the day.
No Screen Time Until After Breakfast -
You tend to focus more on others instead of yourself in the morning when you reply to emails and messages and scroll through social media. It is healthier to take the mornings for yourself away from electronics, which tends to be chaotic for the brain first thing in the morning. So make sure to stay off of technology the first few hours of the morning.
These were some of the things I follow in my mornings which makes me productive and optimistic about the day. Incorporating these in your morning is going to change it and make it better than it was before. If you do these out, let us know if they made any kind of difference in your day and also tell us your favorite portion of your morning routine. Come back soon for more such articles!
- Kinjal Dixit