5 Ways to Live Intentionally

To live intentionally is to live life with a certain purpose and deliberation. Making conscious decisions and choices enables you to live every day focusing on what actually matters to you. Naturally, everyone’s journey through this would be different. When we live intentionally, we identify what is important to us, and also our values. We think that we do things purposefully most of the times, but even in our daily lives, many a times; we fail to take conscious decisions. This article is going to be about ways to help you more intentionally and give your day to day life the most value it can achieve.
Structure & Plan Your Day –

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This is the number 1 thing one should follow for an intentional living. Firstly, make a solid morning and a night routine for yourself. This will ensure that you’re aware of how you will start and end your day and in what way you will do it. No matter how unexpected the rest of your day goes, you will have control of how you will spend your morning and night and spend it in an organized and calm way. By doing this, you will maximize your productivity and feel better about yourself.
Consider Your Relationships –
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In this day & age, it doesn’t we have all fallen in a bad habit of taking the people in our lives for granted. We often forget to set our priorities straight and do not make time for people who mean the world to us. Being intentional about your relationships is super important to make them work and for them to last. It’s only fair to just focus on the ones that are mutually supportive and the ones who are there for you through bad times, and let go of the ones who aren’t. Be mindful of others needs and try to be there for them if they are in need.
Limit Your Social-Media Consumption –
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As we all know, time is precious. We have to use it wisely. It is one of our most important resources, and we misuse it the most. Social media takes up a lot of important chunks of our time and we do not even realize it. Be mindful of how much time you spend on Instagram and Facebook, and instead, use that extra time to do something more meaningful, like working on your side hustle. Make sure you spend most of your time on things which are important to you.
Spend Mindfully –

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This is a key point to live more intentionally. Finances are important in everyone’s lives and often, we overlook them by spending unnecessarily. I know shopping is fun and it feels wonderful to buy new things, but in the process the lot of money is lost on things that were probably not even needed. Evaluate your finances and spending, and track every purchase you make. You will soon realize if you’re spending money somewhere you shouldn’t.
Declutter Your Space –

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Whether it’s your home or your office space, we tend to hoard up our spaces too much. It reaches a point where it might become impossible to feel relaxed or at peace in the area. It takes away the very purpose of calling it your own space or your refuge. You must declutter your space to gain more clarity and to get rid of any anxiety or overwhelming feeling one can get due to a messy environment. According to me, decluttering your own space will make you more mindful of your surroundings will obviously get rid of any extra baggage you’re carrying around on many levels.
These were some important factors one should follow for living more intentionally and mindfully. Doing even little things in life with more purpose and consciousness can change your life and can change your perspective towards everything. If not that, following these points are sure to help you live healthier life, both physically and mentally.
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- Kinjal Dixit