Busting Myths about Dieting

Before we dive in this one, please answer these questions honestly to yourself.
Do you think that we have to starve when we are on a diet?
Or do you think skipping breakfast can help you lose weight? -
Or is it true that we have to eat low-fat food only while we are dieting?
If your answer to more than one question is YES, then I would suggest you to stop believing in these statements because they are myths! Don’t believe me? Keep reading as I bust the myths about dieting and try to understand the reasons behind them.
Permanent weight loss is the ultimate goal when we are on dieting. Weight loss requires lifestyle changes and we have to be very patient during this process. Everyone wants to lose weight quickly and keep it off and there are so many diets out there that promise instant results. Usually, people have some false assumptions about dieting. But today I will try to break those assumptions and myths and shed a light with some reasoning.

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Skipping Breakfast is a Good Way of Losing Weight –

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Under no circumstances is this a good idea because once we start skipping our meals especially, breakfast, it makes us feel more tired and hungry. This eventually leads to we reaching for snacks with fat and high calories and we end up eating more junk food.
No Snacking –
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The most important thing to remember while dieting is to keep a track of the total calories in take. To lose weight, we must burn more calories than we take in through food and beverages. Depriving ourselves of all the foods we enjoy won’t work. Whereas, eating healthy snacks between meals can help us to control our appetite.
Intense Exercise Regimes -
No it is not necessary to have an intense workout. Intense workout is not the only way for you to lose weight. Even low-intensity exercise, if done right, can help us to burn a good amount of calories.
Eat low fat only –
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If you want to keep your health while losing weight, avoiding fats at all costs is not the ideal way. Fat provides essential nutrients hence; it should always be included in a healthy eating plan. Still, if one wants to avoid it, and they have chosen a replacement, I would highly recommend to check and double check the contents of this replacement as nowadays there are many items that claim to be a fat replacement which in fact have a high fat count then the original one. Always keep in mind, Quantity is also important – you won’t cut back on calories if you eat twice as much of a low-fat product as a full-fat one.
Eating at night will make us fat -

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This myth has been around for years and many people swear that their late-night eating habits make them gain weight. But this is just a myth! The food we eat at night is mostly high-calorie food that lead us to weight gain. But when we can get around it in a way that whenever we have late-night cravings we try to eat healthy food. This way eating at night won’t make us gain weight.
Weight loss is a journey and going down the dark path of myths will not lead you far. So, stop believing in myths, in fact, consult a nutritionist so your weight loss journey can be healthy and happy too for they will provide you the diet plans according to specific requirements.