6 Mindset Shifts to Change Your Life


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According to me, mindset is that one sole thing which can hold you from changing your life, or it could be the thing which will propel you towards making a change in your life. In other words, mindset is the key towards achieving all of your goals in life & manifesting your dream life into your reality. In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the most powerful mindsets which, if you adapt, will change your life in the best ways possible.
I’d like to start off with this one – Stop saying that I don’t have time for this, instead say, this is not a priority. Many times we find ourselves saying that we don’t have time do a particular thing. For example, saying I don’t have time to cook food, or I don’t have time to work out or I don’t have the time to start my side hustle. The fact is that we do have time, but we fail to make it a priority. We know that if something is a priority; we will make time for it. If you shift the sentence from ‘I don’t have time for my side hustle’ & instead start saying that ‘my side hustle is not a priority’ it will enlighten you about whether this thing that you want to do is important to you or not. If you think it’s a priority, you will start taking action towards it.
Secondly, Stop wanting to do something & just start doing it. This is relevant when we’re talking about side hustles. People want to start a YouTube channel, but never do & they have a list of reasons for why they can’t, and the reasons just stop them from doing everything that they are capable of. This is a BIG mistake. It originates in the mindset, when you keep telling yourself that you’ll do it when you have more time / experience. They must realize that these thoughts are limiting beliefs that will hold them back forever. They’ll never be ready until they make it a priority & do it. Instead, just go ahead and do it without thinking about anything else and putting it off more.
Next, stop focusing on perfection and start focusing on progress. Have you ever wondered why you aren’t reaching goals? It’s because you’re striving more for perfection than on progress for the goals. Start focusing on all the progress you’re making, rather than on the few slip ups that might happen in the process.
Then, Stop focusing on problems, start focusing on solutions. Most people we know focus more on the problems and don’t make the effort to come with solutions. A lot of times, trying to find the root of the problem & then finding the solution to it is very much doable than we think it is. There are always alternative solutions to any problem at hand. We should start working towards finding the solution, rather than fixating on the problem.
Remember, Failure isn’t a person, it’s a lesson. A lot of us, when we encounter a failure, we naturally feel like one. The truth is, we aren’t failures, but it is just an incident in our lives where we don’t do as well as we’d wished to. Failure is just a lesson you learn. Hence, say that it is a lesson in your life & learn from it. It is a much healthier thing to say to yourself and to your mind.
Lastly, Drop the fear of judgment. Always remember that what people think does not matter, because they’re not going to be in your life forever. You have to spend the life with yourself before spending it with anyone else. Just think of what your life will look like in 30 years if you gave up on things because of the fear of judgment. Never give yourself a chance to regret your decisions because of people’s opinion. Always do what gives your life meaning & happiness without thinking about other’s judgment towards it.
These are the 6 mindset shifts which everyone should implement in their lives. You will start seeing changes within you when you start working on these every single day. Be positive & proactive about life and stop letting your limiting beliefs hold you back. This will surely help you reach your capabilities to the fullest. I hope you liked this article & will come back for more!
- Kinjal Dixit