3 Amazing Health Benefits of Reducing Caffeine

There’s high chance that, just like me, even you might be a highly caffeine dependant person and cannot go without some amount of caffeine throughout the day. I agree that a cup of coffee is able to refresh and rejuvenate like nothing else can. But having too much of it can do us more harm than good and reducing it gradually from our daily routine will benefit us immensely in the long run. In this article, let me tell you about some amazing health benefits which are attained by reducing your amount of caffeine intake. If you think this article will be of help to you, do give it a read!

Decrease Anxiety – A lot of people advice that caffeine helps with their anxiety, but a lot more people say that coffee makes their anxiety worse and shoots it up even more. It basically increases the anxiety levels. In more scientific terms, the caffeine affects the adenosine receptors present in the brain and affects the adrenal glands too. So in simple terms, reducing caffeine directly reduces your anxiety. This point is very important for the people who are more anxiety prone. It also reduces jitters and shaky hands which are caused by coffee.
Betters Mood – We are often under the impression that having a cup of coffee will make us feel better and will make our day more productive. And it does for a while, until it doesn’t. It is proved that caffeine alters the mood drastically. A lot of individuals report being grumpy or disgruntled unless they have their morning cup of coffee or chai, and others feel lazy and unproductive when their caffeine intake starts wearing off towards the end of the afternoon. Most people around us remain grumpy until they have their coffee. Reducing coffee will balance out your moods throughout the day.
Will Better Your Sleep –  Caffeine also has a direct effect on a person’s quantity and quality of sleep. Consuming coffee/caffeine in the form of energy drinks later in the day can interfere with a person’s ability to fall asleep quick. A fun fact about caffeine is that the half-life of it is around 4-6 hours minimum. It is proved that people who do not consume coffee after noon experience a better quality of sleep than those who do have coffee after noon.
A few other notable health benefits of lessening your coffee intake are:

• It highly helps lowering your blood pressure
• It gives you lesser headaches
• It also keeps your teeth healthy!
• A convenient benefit is that it will take you way fewer trips to the bathroom.
• It will also increase your productivity as you won’t depend on coffee for the value of your productivity.
These were some of the many benefits of reducing or completely cutting out your coffee intake. If you are a regular caffeine consumer, you should definitely keep these points in mind the next time you have a cup of coffee.
I hope you enjoyed this article and found if helpful in some way. Do come back for more! 
-Kinjal Dixit