5 Innovative Ways to Armchair Travel from Home


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Most of us must not have traveled in the past one year as much as we would’ve wanted to, and we possibly won’t be able to for an indefinite time period, due to covid. We might not be able to physically go out and travel, but we can, right from the comfort of our home. If you’ve missed traveling as much as we have, then this article is just for you as I will be sharing some great & creative ideas which take you places right from your living room.
Take a Virtual Tour – Virtual tours have been around for a while now but a global pandemic has made them popular and in demand than ever. The Guardian has a ton of virtual tours up on their website. Google Arts and Culture has actually teamed up with more than 2,500 galleries and museums from around the world, offering virtual tours and interactive sessions and guided exhibits. Besides for these the MoMA, the Louvre and the Musee dÓrsay in Paris also offer virtual exhibits. These are and absolute treat to the eyes.
Get Lost: In books, podcasts and movies – Perhaps the most popular way to travel from home is to read a lot of travel books or binge a movie or a podcasts. I have to agree with this as podcasts became my guilty pleasure during lockdown. These are amazing as they do not keep you tied to your couch or bed as you can actually multi task while listening to these. Watching travel-themed shows can be great fun as they provide actual visual presentation of the places.
Plan Your Next Travel – We all we be able to travel again someday and this is the perfect time to dream where your next travel will be to. Maybe it is a Jungle Safari in South Africa, or it is a dreamy trip to Italy full of pizzas, or whether it is a city trip London, New York or Los Angeles, or maybe all of it? Once the pandemic is over, you will have the choice to travel wherever you want to, and now is a good time as any to start dreaming about your dream place you’re itching to visit but cannot right now.

Taking a Language Course – These are always fun for me as love learning new languages which let me take a peek into other cultures. I feel that everyone should take learn at least the basics of a language as it really fun and adds to your knowledge. This will help you make the most out of your time at home and teach you something new. Apps like Duolingo make learning a new language super simple and fun. It is also completely free, and gives you benefit of learning at your own place. Apps like these are also much easier than doing in-person courses.
Travel by Cooking - Cooking is probably one of the most creative ways to travel around the world and experience other cultures right from the comfort of your homes. Just grab a global cookbook or you can find endless free recipes online of the most amazing dishes from all over the world, be it any cuisine that you wish to make. Just scrounging through the internet for a couple minutes will give you thousands of simple lip-smacking recipes which you can make in your own kitchen for an otherworldly experience.
These were some of my favorite things to do which helps me with my travel bug. These are fun, creative and make your learn something new each time. Literally anyone can do these, right from the comfort of their homes. If you try any of these, do let us know how liked them, and if they fed a little bit of your wanderlust. Hope you come back for more! Happy Armchair Traveling!
- Kinjal Dixit