5 Reasons to Go on a Solo Trip


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There are literally millions of travel bloggers out there who encourage one thing more than anything else – solo travel! It is one of the greatest and the most liberating feelings in the world. Solo travel is probably the best & there are multiple reasons for it! Some of the obvious reasons would be you won’t have to wait for someone to go with you. Also, you are more likely to befriend new people if you’re going alone. And the best one is that you get to do literally whatever and exactly what you want to do on the trip! But the list does not stop there. This article will tell you more reasons you should definitely go on a solo trip at least once in life! I hope you enjoy!
Makes you Face Your Fears –
We all can agree to the fact that travelling solo can feel really scary, especially international travel. People get scared of various things like theft, getting lost, getting robbed, losing your way, language barriers and offending the locals of the place. We can all imagine how terrifying it could be to go through any of that alone in an unknown place. There are solutions to all of that. Researching the place beforehand will help a lot! But know this – people help. You can ask around and someone will help you. Do not hold back because of these fears, because at the end of the day, you will be fine.
Confidence –
A few people believe that solo travel is courageous endeavor. But honestly, if you have a proper plan in place, you will be ready for everything that comes your way. Here, research is the key. Research everything about the place like safety, language, culture, norms, etc. But even if you feel under-prepared, do not back off. Merely taking the step and going on the trip will boost your confidence like nothing else. Going to unknown places will definitely offer you more opportunities to learn to face all circumstances.
You’ll know Your Travel Style -
You will be able to figure out what kind of traveler you are. Are you a keen planner or a more spontaneous one? Do you like to stay at a place and explore it thoroughly or do you like to hop from a place to the next in a few days? You need a solo trip to actually know what you yourself enjoy, because everyone deserves to vacation as they prefer. I mean, you’re on vacation for a reason!
Financial Control –
Another amazing perk of vacationing alone is that you have complete control over the finances of the trip. If you’re on a tight budget, you could crash in less expensive accommodations that your friends or family would not have been up for. Or if you want to do the opposite, and treat yourself with an expensive, you can do that without having the concern of whether your companion would be able to do the same. When you don’t have to worry about someone else’s splurging capacities, you have the freedom of deciding exactly how you want to do the spending on the trip!
Personal Growth & Friendships –
A big misconception about travelling solo is that you’re alone all the time. While some people like to be alone, the others always have the choice of meeting new people and befriending them. Solo travel can lead you to experiencing new adventures with complete strangers that would definitely have a long lasting impact on you. It is sure to push you into different social settings where you will learn about their lives and culture. It is one of the best ways to discover the world around you. This is only going to make you grow as an individual.
These were some of the many reasons why I believe solo trips to be the best form of traveling. You should definitely do it at least once in your lifetime, and it is sure to change your entire perspective towards life.
Do leave a comment down below if you have ever been on a solo trip or plan to do one. I hope you enjoyed this article & will come back for more.

- Kinjal Dixit