4 Magnificent & Unexplored Caves in India

Our country holds many treasures that are still yet to be explored. Given its glorious rich past, it holds many structures reflecting it. Caves are just one of them, that directly express the glory and history that is our country. So in this article, I will be telling you about some of the unexplored glorious caves in India that you should definitely go and explore.
Koteshwar Caves_1 &n
Located just 3 kms away from Rudraprayag in Uttrakhand, lays this cave with a great religious significance to the Hindus. This cave is known for the lore that comes with it. It is said that Lord Shiva himself stopped here in these caves for meditation while he was on his way to Kedarnath. According to local lore, this cave/temple exists here since the times of Bhasmasura. In these caves, Shiva defeated this demon after meditating here and escaped the threat of him. These caves are also considered to be a temple; hence they are alternatively called as Koteshwar Mahadev.
Bhimbetka Caves_1 &n
These caves lie in Madhya Pradesh, in the inner parts of Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary area. The highlight of these caves is the paintings on the cave walls and these are an active proof of the existence of ancient civilizations. As the legend of these temples goes, the Pandavas themselves resided in these caves while in exile. The name Bhimbetka means the area where Bhim sat. When it comes to the paintings in the caves, they can be divided into 5 different time periods. Some of the prominent paintings in here are the flying chariots, the tree gods and the Yakshas.
Tabo Caves _1  
These brilliant caves are located in Himachal Pradesh in the quaint town of Tabo. The views around the area are truly splendid and one of a kind. The caves of Tabo have been carved out of the hills surrounding this village. In these caves, you will find numerous bright praying flags surrounding the caves, big and small, which look truly beautiful. These caves are known to be the meditation center for the Buddhist monks. You can easily reach this village by taxi from Manali or Shimla.
Bagh Caves _1  
These caves lie in the town of Mundu in Dhar. Bagh caves in India are the most intriguing to me due to its structure which is made up of 9 sandstone monuments cut out of rock. The highlight of Bagh caves are the carvings and the mural paintings which are the courtesy of several renowned painters and sculptors. These caves reflect the art & architecture of the Buddhists. The caves were quarried in 5-6th century AD in the colossal stages of Buddhism in India. One must surely pay these caves a visit for its sheer beauty.
These are 4 of the many astounding caves in India which are not as popular but deserve to be explored by more people. I will be sure to make a part 2 of this article as there are many more caves in India that I would love to write about.
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-Kinjal Dixit