Teas around the World

Yesterday, I wrote an article all about the coffee and how different ethnicities around the world have theirs. And then I thought, not everyone has coffee. Tea is a popular beverage which is enjoyed by a lot of countries besides ours, and each in a unique blend of ways. Also, a lot of Indians cannot go without a piping hot cup of tea on most days. If you ever want to change your ways and try out different ways of drinking this, or if you were ever curious as to how different cultures drink tea, keep on reading.
The Mate, Argentina:
mate_1  H x W:
This is a classic South American way of having tea. It’s more than a drink for them, but it is a way of life. This is made up of yerba mate leave, which is brewed up lose and had either hot or cold. It is had from straws called as Bombillas. This is an indispensible part of their lives and is had pretty frequently. This is incredibly rich in caffeine. Guarani and Tupi cultures originally consumed this tea.
The Po Cha, Tibet:
po cha_1  H x W
This is very much like the tea you find in India, but the Tibetans do not have it sweet but salty. The unique ingredient in their tea is the butter. Pemagul tea leaves are brewed for several hours and then, yak butter and salt are added to it. The tea is boiled with the tea leaves for almost 6-12 hours, and then skimmed, and then mixed with the butter and salt, resulting in a thick consistency. Then this is poured into bowls, and had hot.
Matcha, Japan:
matcha_1  H x W 
This is a traditional Japanese beverage which is had with matcha powder and hot water. Matcha powder is bright and vibrant green powder with an earthy taste, made with ground green tea leaves and is an extremely versatile ingredient which can be used in many more ways. Even though this is traditionally drunk hot, it can also be had cold with ice. This tea has been highly popular in many parts of the world.
Bubble Tea, Taiwan:

boba_1  H x W:  
This one is for them who enjoy sweet beverages, as this tea is a highly sweet concoction of sugar, milk, tea, creamer, customized flavoring and the ingredient which makes this drink so much more enjoyable: the chewy tapioca balls which are a part of every sip you take of this mind blowing drink. This beverage is also popularly called as Boba or Pearl Milk Tea and has gained recognition worldwide.
These were some unique ways that people from around the world take their teas. I, for one, was pretty intrigued by these. The unique ways in which people manage to brew up a single ingredient in multiple ways, each way completely different than the next, fascinates me to no end. I hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful, if you ever wanted to make your tea in a different way some day. If not, at least gave you a new insight in outside cultures and their ways.
- Kinjal dixit